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1. Amazon Go - It’s all about the back end
... to see greater implementation of RFID technology as tracking mechanisms the store uses pattern recognition to identify packages and weight scales embedded in shelving. Weight has been part of product information ...
Created on 22 January 2018
2. Blockchain Obstacles and Opportunities
... to explore some of the many other uses of blockchain technology. Among those applications are peer-to-peer payments, smart contracts, digital voting, supply chain tracking, exchange of goods and secure ...
Created on 01 January 2018
3. Technology Shaping Supply Chain
New technologies, such as the Internet of Things, are changing the supply chain, reports Business News Daily. Technology can be used for everything from resource procurement to tracking.   Read the ...
Created on 04 December 2017
4. How The Global Logistics Software Market Is Growing Significantly – And What This Means
... cost people money. Knowledge Is Power In addition to improving efficiency, logistics software provides businesses with more insight about their operations. For example, GPS tracking technology collects ...
Created on 31 October 2017
5. The Rise of Logistics Tech Activates Entrepreneurs
... for automated order tracking, real-time analysis and ensuring products leave the warehouse quickly, to name a few. A package might leave the warehouse on time, but now the delivery driver must face the ...
Created on 30 August 2017
6. Privacy Policy
...  our terms of service. Aggregated Information We sometimes provide aggregated usage or tracking information collected from this Digital Offering to third parties. Information about your visits to, an ...
Created on 18 July 2017
7. Top Spend Matters Stories of 2016
... g and tracking trends.Nick Heinzmann looks at the big themes of the past year and summarizes the site's top stories. Check it out HERE. ...
Created on 04 January 2017
8. Custom Delivery at Scale
... ideo for their explanation. With this level of customization and direct delivery, imagine the challenges of visibility and delivery not to mention ordering and tracking. My question is - wil ...
Created on 26 October 2016
9. Use Case Example for Digital Transformation
Improved supply chain visibility can be an important benefit derived from the digital transformation of business processes.In an article on the ZDNet site, Sven Denecken proposes a use case to illustrate ...
Created on 18 October 2016
10. DSD and Tracking Data
Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is not new but the speed of commerce is having an impact on just how DSD is working… or not working. The old normal pace of delivery just doesn’t cut it any more when store ...
Created on 21 September 2016
11. Integration is Still an Issue
... that the tools are not in place. The company’s ERP system is up to date and tracking all the financial information without problems. The EDI process are handled efficiently and mostly automatically so ...
Created on 30 August 2016
12. Supply Chain IoT Examples
It seems like most articles about the Internet of Things (IoT) focus on consumer-related tools, such as self-regulating thermostats and iphone controlled appliances. What's really exciting to us, though, ...
Created on 30 June 2016
13. It's ERP Project Groundhog Day
Have you ever felt like you're in a 'Groundhog Day' plot scenario with your ERP project? It never seems close to completion and every day seems the same.Well, Pete Purcell has identified some indicators ...
Created on 14 June 2016
14. You Are Only As Strong As Your Supply Chain
...  These companies are producing a multitude of products with unique specifications, parts and tracking numbers, adding complexity and processing requirements that are far beyond what legacy enterprise system ...
Created on 05 January 2016
15. What is an XPL?
... d-to-end tracking of containers system which will allow government agencies to receive information on container shipments (all part of the process). Outsourcing is often taking a set of work, tasks, respons ...
Created on 17 November 2015
16. How IoT Will Affect What We Do
All sorts of articles have been written about how the Internet of Things (IoT) will affect businesses and consumers. What's been glossed over, though, has been how it will impact the day-to-day work lives ...
Created on 10 November 2015
17. Supply Chain Software Companies to Know
As the supply chain world continues to become more global and complex, technology has evolved right along with it. The Green Biz site has compiled a list of software companies with competencies in some ...
Created on 29 October 2015
18. Supply Chain Management Dashboards Growing
... Respondents were given the opportunity to expand on their views, and comments ranged from dashboards “saves time and makes you work smarter,” to “measuring KPI and tracking milestones are an important ...
Created on 19 October 2015
19. Omnichannel Marketing, Visibility, and the Perfect Order
... crucially important. Just as visible, real-time order tracking is vital for omnichannel sales, the same visibility for all orders can work wonders in getting orders perfect (or close to it). This is ...
Created on 20 August 2015
20. What EDI Service Providers Know That You Don't
... real explanation of what “value added services” are except “motherhood and apple pie” stories like file tracking and security. Not much different than 20+ years ago when I was involved with the industry. ...
Created on 17 August 2015