The supply chain remains the weakest link, reports Supply Chain Digital.  That is because companies can’t control their supply chain partners security measures.


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According to Washington Technology, The Department of Homeland Security wants IT companies to update their supply chain security. The fear is that lax security in the supply chain could lead to compromised products.

According to the Guardian, new technology from OpenSC uses product QR codes to give consumers a way to see if their food was produced legally and sustainably.

Panasonic has teamed up with JDA, reports Biometric Update. The new venture will incorporate JDA’s Luminate supply chain  software. The Luminate software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.

SureDone, a leading multichannel e-commerce listing and order management platform that helps e-commerce sellers increase efficiency and sales, has partnered with ShipEngine to add numerous in-app features, such as integrated shipping label creation and in-app rate display, improving seller productivity and decreasing seller costs.