Companies are now starting to address the supply chain problem of the ‘middle’, reports the Next Web. Many times there are no clear rules for how product (especially food) is monitored for quality assurance in the middle of the supply chain.

Supply chain management is taking off as a career option, reports the Chicago Tribune. To meet the growing demand theCollege of Lake County now offers a supply chain management degree.

Three startups are poised to innovate the supply chain, reports the Next Web. One of those companies, Tech Packer, wants to help companies create tech packs faster.   

According to EBN, the federal government has approved the use of DocuSign, which means it is now a ‘must have’ for business, not just a ‘nice to have’. The ability to have documents signed electronically will positively impact the supply chain.

It’s time to digitize your supply chain, reports Industry Week. In order to be competitive in your market in ten years, your organization will need to employee that latest digital technology.