A new survey by DHL, the Council of Fashion Designers in America and Accenture finds that the fashion industry’s supply chain is in need of an overhaul. If the industry doesn’t embrace digital technology for its supply chain it runs the risk of becoming outdated.

Amazon and customer expectations are driving significant changes in the supply chain, reports JOC.com. Specifically automation, the more automation that can be used the faster the supply chain will be.

Millennials are choosing a career in the supply chain, reports Supply Chain Dive. Their reasons for choosing the supply chain as field of employment include feeling that there is growth potential, and that they feel they can make a difference in their job.

Wal-mart has adopted a new policy, reports Supply Chain Dive. The new on-time, in full policy states that food and perishables must be delivered within a 1 day window and softlines within a two day window.  

According to Digital Supply Chain, China’s Chinese NGO the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs has named Apple as one of China’s greenest supply chain.