Blockchain is helping mining companies bring transparency to the supply chain, reports Mining Technology. It can help them broker contracts between to firms, track commodities and even conflict minerals, reports Mining Technology.

Today’s consumers have more payment options than ever before; beyond credit and debit cards, 37% of North American merchants accept PayPal and Apple Pay, and bitcoin is currently accepted by more than 100,000 merchants worldwide. Furthermore, research by J.D. Power and Fiserv found that billing and payment options can account for 20% or more of customer loyalty and satisfaction scores. Chargebacks911, a leading dispute mitigation and loss prevention firm, examines the evolving payments landscape and outlines how merchants can leverage emerging payment options to their advantage.

According to Supply Chain Dive, U.S. hospitals are struggling with medical supply shortages. The shortages can be ascribed to inefficient supply chain.

The Hershey Company is pledging to stop stop child labour from occuring in its supply chain, reports Digital Supply Chain. The company is committing $500 million to the Cocoa for Good project.

H & M is struggling to remain profitable, but it’s failure to invest in new supply chain technology is hurting them, reports Modern Material Handling.