accountant Back in the old days, you placed orders with your supplier by phone, fax, mail, and by walking into their store. They entered your order into their system, picked and delivered your products, and mailed you an invoice. Your AP clerk took the invoice, did the 3 way match, put it in the stack to be paid, and you mailed a check at the end of the month. Have times changed or what?

received stampAs electronic trading continues to evolve, one of the areas of interest is with buying organizations wanting to get confirmation of the receipt of orders, on-going alerts on the order status and managing requested changes. What I'm talking about here is the use of the 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement transaction and the confusion on the expected use or interpretation of this transaction.

Christina Robinson of Mastercraft Manufacturing talks with Scott Koegler at the 2011 U Connect conference.



gumby2Seems EDI has been around forever and a day, even longer than me!  But cXML, xCBL, XML and PIDX to name a few, were absentee acronyms a dozen or so years ago!

ROIsearchingRetail Systems Research recently released its Retail Supply Chain 2012: Globalization, Localization, and Cross-Channel, and the findings are pretty interesting. Here’s a snippet.

lovemywork You always walk a fine line with one-offs. Do you accept the challenge, do the work, and watch the organization reap the rewards? Or do you push back and reserve your resources for addressing only opportunities with a broad impact? And what do you base your decision on, anyway?

data-cloud2012 will be a watershed year for new business models worldwide. Three technologies will dominate the innovation scene and shape economies for decades to come. These three technologies are mobile computing, social media, and "big data for small decision support". All three while in high growth mode today will become paramount to existence for any business big or small, private or public, government or NGO. Underlying these 3 are 2 foundational pieces that enable everything - "Cloud Computing" & " Ecommerce".

plain hamburgerWhen I was a young child, my father would take my siblings and me to the fast food restaurant.  I didn’t like pickles, mustard or onions, so he ordered me a hamburger with ketchup only. I would then spend the next five to ten minutes waiting for this burger, since it was considered a special order.  Now many years later when I order that same burger, it’s delivered with as many or few condiments you would like, with no extra wait time!  So, as I view the eCommerce space and the possible ways to connect with customers, I’d ask in which scenario are you working? 

e-commerce-marketingThere are plenty of best practices to implement as companies shore up their ecommerce strategies.

burnitYour boss is asking you to do more with what you have. A big company project is kicking off that you need to support, but your ‘normal’ work isn’t going away. Or maybe there’s been a decision made to assign EDI team members to other IT work. Those are all valid reasons to consider outsourcing some or all of your EDI responsibilities. Are you ready to pull the trigger?