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1. Tech Supply Chain Vulnerable
According to the BBC, US Intelligence is reporting that the technology supply chain is vulnerable to attack. The most likely attackers are China, Russia and Iran.   Read the article onBBC  ...
Created on 13 August 2018
2. NGOs walk a supply chain tightrope to disaster response
...  shipping, and reporting, and can also track the supplies from donation to disaster site. Like any other organization, NGOs are subject to international rules and regulations when it comes to moving product ...
Created on 13 July 2018
3. Sustainability in the Chain
... new technologies to simplify reporting and follow-up like image capture and even video recording where appropriate. The carbon economy Sensitivity to carbon use varies across international boundaries ...
Created on 05 March 2018
4. New Version of Omnichannel Solution for Dynamics 365
...  as live virtual agents within Live Assist to take advantage of knowledge base access, supervisor monitoring, performance reporting, skillset management and other features available to human agents. Usabilit ...
Created on 30 August 2017
5. Privacy Policy
... ion with our broadcast providers. Your data is collected and retained by our broadcast providers for the sole purposes of delivering Web Seminars content appropriately, traffic reporting, and enabling re-registra ...
Created on 18 July 2017
6. Supply Chain Mayhem - Avoid It
...  now, and if you still need a push to test and fine tune your processes and reporting, this is the time. Once your first orders leave their shipping docs you're at the mercy of others. Know where your ...
Created on 11 November 2016
7. Use Case Example for Digital Transformation
Improved supply chain visibility can be an important benefit derived from the digital transformation of business processes.In an article on the ZDNet site, Sven Denecken proposes a use case to illustrate ...
Created on 18 October 2016
8. Capabilities Required for Supply Chain Visibility
Visibility throughout the supply chain is a 'holy grail' of business management. The prevelance of ERP systems, with their built-in limitations, make it tough to reach that goal.On the 21st Century Supply ...
Created on 19 July 2016
9. Supply Chain Management Dashboards Growing
... dashboards are poorly designed and the same amount said reporting functions were limited. One quarter said the alerting functions and business rules are not well developed. The respondents were allowed ...
Created on 19 October 2015
10. Supply Chain Planning Benchmarking
Benchmarking is old hat in many areas of the supply chain. But planning is a different animal, since the self-reporting that typically drives benchmarks isn't usually available.The Supply Chain Shaman ...
Created on 04 August 2015
11. Scorecards vs. Continuous Compliance Monitoring
... changes and aberrations. These anomalies are what will be reported on when they’re found. It’s crucial to the process that the reporting is done in real-time: the system provides great value by alerting ...
Created on 20 July 2015
12. Outsourcing Compliance Optimization
... Analyzing and reporting on supply chain performance in real time requires specialized data-processing structures that go far beyond those available on the consumer level.   Consider that even the simplest ...
Created on 13 July 2015
13. The Interplay Of Dropship And Omni-Channel
... reporting a larger volume of e-commerce sales are delivered via drop ship, with only 29 percent of vendors stating their drop ship numbers account for less than five percent of their Internet sales. Moreover, ...
Created on 06 July 2015
14. Sharing POS Data Can Deliver Benefits to Retailers
... trends. Provide audit trails to trace any problems. Better control through reporting features. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) can include situations in which the retailer has given their vendor ...
Created on 04 May 2015
15. Sustainability Trends
Supply chain sustainability has come a long way, from something almost being 'forced' on businesses to key aspects of their strategies. The consulting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers has identified 3 key trends ...
Created on 26 February 2015
16. Electronic Invoicing On Rapid Uptick
If the state of the electronic invoicing industry is gauged on Invoiceware International, the leader in Latin American e-invoicing and fiscal reporting, then there’s no question mobile payment systems ...
Created on 19 January 2015
17. When Supply Chains Merge: Mistakes To Avoid
... ction systems and build a common database. Then this database can be used to resolve duplicate data descriptions and meanings. This way, management reporting continues without expensive system redesign. M ...
Created on 20 October 2014
18. Sustainability Metrics
The vast majority of large businesses now 'officially' report on sustainability. That doesn't exactly mean you can compare them, though.Lots of different metrics are involved and standardization isn't ...
Created on 16 October 2014
19. What's Visibility Mean to You?
... in each and every location, what upcoming seasonal weather looks like, and so on. Oh yeah, for sustainability reporting he even needs to know the working conditions under which certain items are made. ...
Created on 15 September 2014
20. 3 Months Until Holiday Season and 3 Points to Consider
...  now, and if you still need a push to test and fine tune your processes and reporting, this is the time. Once your first orders leave their shipping docs you're at the mercy of others. Know where your ...
Created on 03 September 2014