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1. Blockchain to shape next generation supply chains in healthcare
... blockchain has the potential to play a transformational role, notably in managing the provenance of pharmaceutical products as they pass through the supply chain.” “Blockchain is particularly interesting ...
Created on 14 May 2018
2. Sustainability in the Chain
... responsibility companies are increasingly looking at social issues that impact how they are seen by their customers. Issues include child labor are legal issues particularly in the EU and U.K. along with ...
Created on 05 March 2018
3. Supply Chain and the TCJA Effect on Jobs
... decrease in spending for employee training and development budgets. Supply chain companies, particularly logistics oriented enterprises need to rethink their strategies for long term growth and employee ...
Created on 12 February 2018
4. 3 Ways a CPO Can Transform a Business
... — all while simultaneously reducing overhead costs and any regional compliance risks. With procurement and sourcing contributing at the C-level, the overall business strategy, particularly when it comes ...
Created on 24 October 2017
5. CSCMP Conference Highlights
... s sustainability topic was particularly impressive, since it not only focused on an important topic but also broadened it to include innovation. Read Dan's summary on the site HERE. ...
Created on 26 October 2016
6. DSD and Tracking Data
... they are easy to carry and they are less prone to damage from rough handling and dropping. And really, the keyboard isn’t necessary anymore, particularly if the software is designed properly for finger-tapping ...
Created on 21 September 2016
7. Is Your Supply Chain OS Ready?
... that need to connect with each other. Automated connections are critical to timely updates of transactions particularly as the pace of business quickens. Previous processes that required manual transport ...
Created on 17 May 2016
8. Supply Chain Prophetic Quotes
... e all prophetic, the last one is particularly meaningful. Check it out HERE. ...
Created on 02 May 2016
9. All Hail to the Cloud
... have found their way to cloud based platforms. For the supply chain this is particularly good news (and good practice) since the essence of supply chain business is distributed around the globe. Picking ...
Created on 26 April 2016
10. Improving Strategic Sourcing
Strategic sourcing is a key process in the supply chain, particularly in the areas of logistics and transportation. Improvement each and every time the sourcing process occurs is a must.On the Logistics ...
Created on 28 January 2016
11. Supply Chain & Logistics Trends for the New Year
January is almost past, but it's not too late to read about supply chain & logistics trends, particularly when they're from one of our favorite sources.Steve Banker, Chris Cunnane, and Clint Reiser fr ...
Created on 26 January 2016
12. What’s In YOUR Bill?
... in sharing their internal costs. And EDI service providers aren’t particularly anxious to share the details of their billing practices other than the most basic information. So the best action you can ...
Created on 11 January 2016
13. You Are Only As Strong As Your Supply Chain
... are particularly evident in two critical areas – technology and human resources. The Technology Gap The largest global businesses have spent billions of dollars implementing and maintaining their ...
Created on 05 January 2016
14. ERP and EDI integration make for better everything
... such as finances, supply chain and inventory, for example. Particularly because comprehensive ERPs are the backbone of supply chain entities who use them to help run the company, it’s key to select an ...
Created on 10 September 2015
15. When and When not to Deviate from Standards
... are real world descriptions of how the data should be interpreted. This is particularly important when specifying quantity. For example, suppose candy is packaged in a large box that contains 5 display ...
Created on 08 May 2015
16. Should EDI be outsourced?
...  and technologies. This is particularly true when the technology is critical to the business despite not being their core competency, which is often the case with EDI. Outsourcing can remove the uncertaint ...
Created on 15 April 2015
17. No Risk EDI
... are gateways to your internal processes. Second step: Determine where your data is sensitive The individual EDI transactions may not be particularly sensitive as they only identify orders for products. ...
Created on 13 April 2015
18. Big Data, Analytics and Clouds
... t to send important business data outside the corporate firewall. Plus, privacy laws and security regulations, particularly in Europe, even restrict where data can be kept. Cloud providers, even those wi ...
Created on 20 August 2014
19. EDIINT, VANs, But Not SaaS?
... ch of a surprise to anyone who has been watching the industry over the last decade or so. While the results of the study are limited in scope, I found one aspect particularly interesting. Specifically,  ...
Created on 07 July 2014
20. Chile Mandates Electronic Invoicing by Year’s End
... a software provider extremely familiar with Chile’s impending e-invoicing updates. Particularly because the new Chilean system will be complex, it is essential to select an e-invoicing partner extremely ...
Created on 09 April 2014