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1. DB Schenker Reduces Onboarding Time for eCommerce Customers
... offering omni-channel marketing to enhance customer engagement. After comprehensive market research on integration tools, DB Schenker chose Magic Software's integration platform. "To be fast on the mark ...
Created on 30 August 2017
2. Have You Connected the Dots Yet?
... between your information sources is the explosion of the omni-channel market. Customers now expect to make their purchases whenever and wherever they like, and to have those products delivered to them ...
Created on 17 November 2016
3. WalMart's Newest Supplier Challenges
Any supplier who does business with WalMart knows it can be, in a word, challenging. With the pressures facing the world's largest retailer from all sides, its suppliers may feel a little more pain.On ...
Created on 30 June 2016
4. Silos Need to Go
As changes to the retail environment continue to occur at a rapid pace, the challenge of order fulfillment isn't getting any easier.According to Bob Ferrari on the Supply Chain Matters site, silos continue ...
Created on 14 March 2016
5. Integration in the B2B World
... of the disconnect between your internal systems. One factor contributing to the increased pressure to have direct connections between your information sources is the explosion of the omni-channel market. ...
Created on 26 January 2016
6. Beware the Shopper
Omni-channel has become a dated term. In this age of digital information available anytime and anywhere there are precious few shopping decisions being made without fact based information. A MasterCard ...
Created on 15 January 2016
7. Direct From Source - The Future Of Drop Shipping
...  positioned to help retailers bridge the gap to an omni-channel shopping environment with their expertise in these key capabilities: inventory visibility, optimized fulfillment, perfect packaging. But 3PL ...
Created on 27 July 2015
8. The Interplay Of Dropship And Omni-Channel
... that figure will reach 1.48 billion by the year 2018. For retailers and vendors, that means the potential number of omni-channel purchases are exponentially astronomical. With each passing day, new technologies ...
Created on 06 July 2015
9. Managed Services Offset Complexity in the Supply Chain
... integration, omni-channel commerce support, rollout of new applications, onboarding business partners and monitoring system effectiveness. Their expertise can be invaluable in risk management, automating ...
Created on 18 June 2015
10. When The Weather Gets Rough, Retail Goes Omni-Channel To Survive
... impassable for days in many areas, freezing temperatures were ideal for snowman survival and people were just plain miserable? Enter omni-channel, an emerging technology that seeks to unify all aspects ...
Created on 06 May 2015
11. Predictions from the Supply Chain Gurus
Is it too late for one last (?) set of supply chain predictions for 2015? I think not, especially when they're made by a bunch of supply chain 'gurus' pulled together by Dan Gilmore of Supply Chain Digest.The ...
Created on 04 February 2015
12. More Supply Chain Predictions
Great minds think alike, I suppose. On the Logistics Viewpoints site, Steve Banker details his top 5 predictions for 2015 for the supply chain and they're very similar to ours.If we're right with our 'guesses', ...
Created on 20 January 2015
13. Reasons to Develop Track & Trace
On the Logistics Viewpoints site, Chuck Fuerst has thoughts on why track and trace functionality has grown in importance. Although it's always been needed in certain industries, recent headlines related ...
Created on 17 November 2014
14. Consumer Behavior and the Supply Chain
With the range of significant challenges facing supply chains, CJ Wehlage thinks he's discovered the most important. It's certainly arguable, but consumer behavior is at the top of his list.Read his thoughts ...
Created on 27 August 2014
15. The Brick and Mortar Future
On the Wall Street Journal site, Shelly Banjo and Paul Ziobro paint somewhat of a grim picture of the future of physical stores. Although there will always be a need for 'brick and mortar' locations, changing ...
Created on 19 August 2014
16. Hadoop for the Supply Chain
Unless you've been living in a cave with no wi-fi or cell access, you've probably heard of the Big Data revolution. One of the fundamental tools you've also heard being discussed is, I bet, Hadoop. What ...
Created on 19 August 2014
17. Where Is Omni-Channel and Why Isn't It?
What's your definition of "Omni-Channel"? However you define the term it's a fair bet that your definition as a retailer or even as a supplier is very different from how consumers define it. That doesn't  ...
Created on 13 June 2014
18. Prepping for an Optimization Project
Optimizing the supply chain network is on a lot of executive to-do lists. To get a project moving, a lot of up front preparation is necessary.In a DC Velocity article, Ian Hobkirk lays out a few steps ...
Created on 14 May 2014
19. The State of B2B
Brian Walker, on the Forbes site, looks at the state of B2B ecommerce and speculates as to why it's hasn't exactly caught on. Although many companies in the space have already reached the tipping point, ...
Created on 13 May 2014
20. eCommerce and Customers are Driving the Bus
These days, the supply chain is a busy place that's being buffeted around by some pretty impressive forces. The two major ones seem to be digital developments and the customer-centric focus. Both are shaping ...
Created on 21 March 2014