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1. All Hail to the Cloud
To say that software is moving to the cloud would be like coming late to the party. Yes, there is still software on your desktop machines and on your servers. But even the most ardent and heavyweight applications ...
Created on 26 April 2016
2. SnapChat of Facebook - Supply Chain Social Media
The end of the supply chain (retail) is probably the only place that makes any sense for any kind of social media activity. At least that's the common belief. What would a supplier, manufacturer, 3PL, ...
Created on 18 April 2016
3. How You Should be Using Analytics
Business owners have been using analytics to analyze their business data for many years. The real question is, what do we do with that data? Up until recently, there really hasn't been much guidance when ...
Created on 12 April 2016
4. What's the Difference: SasS, Cloud, or Hosted
What are our collective perceptions of SaaS, Cloud computing, and Hosted solutions. Of course we are mainly interested in supply chain solutions, but the definitions appliy to any application. If you're ...
Created on 05 April 2016
5. Mind Your Data
I've harped on the use of big data in the supply chain a few times already. In fact, historically one of the issues with the supply chain in general and EDI specifically is the amount of data generated ...
Created on 28 March 2016
6. Your EDI App
Moving EDI data around the globe is old hat to most of the folks reading this ec-bp newsletter. Managing the connections and translations can get complex and picky when it comes to the details of the files ...
Created on 22 March 2016
7. Big Data from EDI Can Make Predictions
EDI is a significant source of big data. Of course that's no shock to anyone dealing with data storage or a VAN bill, but when you consider the volume of transactions and the number or companies involved, ...
Created on 15 March 2016
8. What’s Your AQ (Analytics Quotient)?
Your supply chain is controlled by data. As that data flows between your company an your trading partners it tells a story. For most companies that story is the current state of events. It reflects the ...
Created on 07 March 2016
9. The Supply Chain is Everywhere
It wasn’t long ago that Apple was lauded for it’s finesse in managing its supply chain. Getting its bazillions of iPhones from China to the US and everywhere else required some groundbreaking advances ...
Created on 29 February 2016
10. What's Amazon Up To?
I was considering writing an article about which company will be most disruptive to supply chains over the next few years, when lo and behold what pulls into my driveway but an Amazon-branded panel truck ...
Created on 17 February 2016
11. A New Home for Google+
There are plenty of social networks beyond Facebook. Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest have made themselves useful but haven’t been able to gain the traction of Facebook. But Facebook is gaining ...
Created on 15 February 2016
12. Everything Is In the Cloud - Except for B2B transactions
The cloud and its advantages are everywhere, right? Every mobile device and every consumer web service is based on cloud technologies. Every day startups take to the cloud, building new applications, hosting ...
Created on 08 February 2016
13. Retail by the App
Retail drives a big portion of the EDI traffic along the supply chain. Whether it’s online retail or brick and mortar retail, the issues are the same. But let’s face it… sometimes it’s just easier to find ...
Created on 01 February 2016
14. Integration in the B2B World
Let’s have some fun with math. What EDI translator does your company use? For that matter, what ERP, 3PL, or other service is on your short list? Next, how many trading partners do you have? And finally, ...
Created on 26 January 2016
15. Beware the Shopper
Omni-channel has become a dated term. In this age of digital information available anytime and anywhere there are precious few shopping decisions being made without fact based information. A MasterCard ...
Created on 15 January 2016
16. You Are Only As Strong As Your Supply Chain
In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, supply chain effectiveness is becoming a key success factor for the global economy. Given this reality, the findings of a recent Deloitte survey ...
Created on 05 January 2016
17. New Competition for EDI
... n of Nipendo on the site HERE. ...
Created on 08 August 2013