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1. Teenage Truckers, Solution to Nation’s Shipping Woes?
... licensing standards. It creates opportunity while reinforcing a culture of safety.”   Kearney, whose company is a leading designer and manufacturer of driver training virtual simulators, among other ...
Created on 07 May 2018
2. How's That Cloud Working Out?
Are you getting everything you expect from your cloud applications? Is performance up to standards and, more importantly, are you receiving the financial results you signed up for?In a Spend Matters article, ...
Created on 07 February 2017
3. All Hail to the Cloud
... necessarily mean Windows will be free. But it does indicate a transition in thinking. Microsoft isn’t the only company looking at changes in its software delivery model. Adobe changed its software licensing ...
Created on 26 April 2016
4. Procurement Systems as Commodities
One overlooked benefit of utilizing cloud-based procurement systems is the flexibility they provide to make a quick change to a better provider. Improved functionality and lower costs can result.On the ...
Created on 22 March 2016
5. Reaping ERP Benefits
Once the giant step to implement an ERP is made, wringing as much value out of the investment as possible is necessary. Unfortunately, although everyone knows that, it rarely happens.In a recent Deloitte ...
Created on 28 January 2016
6. Locally Installed Software Is Dead
... free. But it does indicate a transition in thinking. Microsoft isn’t the only company looking at changes in its software delivery model. Adobe changed its software licensing model to a subscription rather ...
Created on 13 February 2015
7. Cloud and EDI – The IT “Bonne Chance”
...  needs: a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Cloud computing encompasses any subscription-base ...
Created on 11 February 2015
8. Daisychaining - from GXS' Perspective
...  connections and charging licensing fees to each of them, the company has begun gathering in its customers. Whether this action will make a difference in GXS’ long term survival is beyond me. But my gues ...
Created on 27 September 2013
9. We Won't Get Fooled Again - The Replacement of EDI
... s we've identified with regard to increased transaction costs possibly generated by GSX and increased licensing fees from X12 only affect segments that don't have the power and authority to force chan ...
Created on 09 July 2013
10. EDI VANs Are Undefined At Best
... e-Added Network Service" required licensing in the U.K. while "VAN" had merely become a functional description of a specific subset of networked data communication in the USA, as stated in.Robert W. Crandal ...
Created on 13 June 2013
11. SaaS-based Models Are Not Too Close for Comfort
... largely because ASPs relied on high-cost delivery mechanisms such as private networks and the applications were proffered via traditional licensing models. Today’s SaaS offerings are more than just hosted ...
Created on 01 April 2011
12. From the Top - Agile Network
... ged in the last 2 years? Leetzow - We have gone from a capital investment licensing model to a subscription basis on our lower tier products; this goes hand in hand with SPS Commerce software as a ser ...
Created on 19 April 2005