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1. Preparing For the Big Interview
You've finally scored an interview for a supply chain role in a big company. You might want to consider investing some time in preparation to improve your chances.Kaitlyn McAvoy from Spend Matters has ...
Created on 22 September 2016
2. Supply Chain is the Place to Be
... e.In a short article on the Logistics Management site, Bob Trebilcock explains what's going on by interviewing 3 'newbies'. Read about it HERE. ...
Created on 08 October 2014
3. EDI Workers Over 50
Why does there tend to be a bias against hiring older workers? Does this bias come from the hiring companies or the agencies? We will be interviewing a senior person in a placement agency, who was ...
Created on 09 February 2012
4. Cecil's SaaSy Cloud Trip
...  me up, or let Scott know. If you're playing in the SaaS / Cloud arena already, or just evaluating the options, I'm sure he'd be interested in interviewing you while you're there. Cheers! Cecil ...
Created on 05 March 2010
5. Cecil's Mile High
... ent, growing wave of SaaS providers. After interviewing them all and determining that all of the companies subscribed to the 'reuse it all' software philosophy, they picked one. Again, I won't name names,  ...
Created on 29 May 2007