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1. Industry Updates
This is the information box information that will appear on all pages where an Industry Updates article appears. This is for the purposes of SEO tuning.  ...
Created on 31 December 2012
2. Cecil T. Wulfe - Observations and rants
... and the information contained in the various transactions. Cecil travels the US (usually by car), visiting his clients and sampling the local culinary treats along the way. He is an advocate for his ...
Created on 26 December 2011
3. eCommerce Sales Grew 16% in 2017; Online Fraud Soared 30%
... would transact more online if there were fewer security hurdles—and 1 in 4 has abandoned a transaction because creating a new account required too much information.(3) “Online retailers have reason to ...
Created on 07 May 2018
4. What GDPR Means For Your Supply Chain
...  your customers data robustly ● You can upgrade your information governance framework and improve the way in which your supply chain operates GDPR means a lot for your supply chain. But rather than seein ...
Created on 30 April 2018
5. Be a Supply Chain Hero by Jumping Ahead of the Pack
... typical ‘where is my order’ query may involve a portion of the supply chain but there’s likely to be much more information that today’s deeply integrated and visible supply chain can bring to the table. ...
Created on 16 April 2018
6. West Coast Ports Lead the Way for Data Sharing
Ports are slow to adapt new technology, reports However, West Coast ports are changing that by establishing ways to make information sharing easier.   Read the article on  ...
Created on 02 April 2018
7. Who Cares About Cyber Attacks on Supply Chains?
... company functions and information. Other research including much political investigation is finding attacks initiated by nation-state actors to cause different kinds of disruption. The motives cover ...
Created on 26 March 2018
8. AI is now a necessity
... data migration and any deletion that might be called for. Supplier selection and management is a checklist operation for many companies. AI is able to collect information, evaluate performance and make ...
Created on 20 March 2018
9. What does crypto currency have to do with the supply chain?
... transactions where cyber interference can cause disruption and lack of confidence in the validity of a company’s information and eventually its products. Validity start to finish Cars and insurance ...
Created on 12 March 2018
10. New Platform Wants to Streamline Communication
... and logistics companies to facilitate the exchange of information.   Read the article on  ...
Created on 12 March 2018
11. Sustainability in the Chain
... govern their conduct wherever they do business. And SCM systems seem are logical systems to accumulate, store, and report that information. Regardless of the software you have in place or even if you ...
Created on 05 March 2018
12. Bar Codes in food and drugs
... stickers every time costs changed. But the traditional bar-type label has been supplanted by the higher density QR code that can store much more information in smaller spaces and now a new innovation lets ...
Created on 27 February 2018
13. Supply Chain and the TCJA Effect on Jobs
... on their companies. There’s a lot of information in the report and much of it is positive in terms of executives’ opinions but one area that seems counter intuitive to what is happening in the rest ...
Created on 12 February 2018
14. UPS Added To Sage Business Platform
According to Digital Supply Chain, Sage Business Cloud has integrated UPS into their platform. This will offer customers a way to manage financial and shipping information on one platform.   Read ...
Created on 30 January 2018
15. Amazon Go - It’s all about the back end
... backend systems about more than standard cash register information, it updates shelf location data, consumer traffic patterns, and even how consumers handle the merchandise as they make buying decisions. ...
Created on 22 January 2018
16. The Impact of Reverse Logistics
... assortment of conditions and retailers have little information about which products will be returned or become overstock. Numerous retailers still use a manual system to track and manage returns. Without ...
Created on 08 January 2018
17. Blockchain Obstacles and Opportunities
... who serves as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Global Risk Technologies and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Chargebacks911. “As a result, you avoid the single point of failure than can occur with centralized ...
Created on 01 January 2018
18. Stop Rushing The Holidays! Try A Year-Round Retail Brand Experience Instead
... Microsoft, and NBC Universal, to digital winners like Allrecipes, Cheezburger, HomeAway and RetailMeNot, and dozens of early-stage tech and digital media titans. For more information, please visit ...
Created on 19 December 2017
19. Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Rush
... your products straight to the recipient. Be Social Consumers turn to social media for information. Take advantage of the platform – post holiday hours, promote sales and products, or update ...
Created on 04 December 2017
20. How The Global Logistics Software Market Is Growing Significantly – And What This Means
... information about a driver’s behavior. Businesses can use this information to determine whether a particular gas saving technique is working or not. GPS tracking data is also useful for evaluating employee ...
Created on 31 October 2017