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1. China Names Greenest Supply Chain
According to Digital Supply Chain, China’s Chinese NGO the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs has named Apple as one of China’s greenest supply chain.   Read the article on Digital Supply ...
Created on 31 October 2017
2. Benefits of Closed-Loop Supply Chains
The closed-loop supply chain seems to be a win-win for adopters who want to reduce their impact on the environment.The concept was discussed in a recent article by Andrew Deen on the Business 2 Community ...
Created on 23 February 2017
3. Is eCommerce Greener?
One aspect of ecommerce that's under the radar is its impact on the environment. Many of us might intuitively feel that taking driving out of the shopping experience would be a net positive, but a lot ...
Created on 12 January 2017
4. WalMart's Sustainability Goals for 2025
...  their suppliers hard, but their leadership in sustainability is commendable. Read the summary of WalMart's new plan on the Green Supply Chain News site HERE. ...
Created on 14 November 2016
5. Summary of NASCES Conference Presentations
If you're unable to attend the hottest supply chain conferences, don't fret. Plenty of industry magazines cover them and do a great job with summarizing content.The recent North American Supply Chain Executive ...
Created on 12 October 2016
6. Are Green Supply Chains Important?
... s CEO has a strong commitment, research shows there are still some laggards out there. On the Green Supply Chain site, these stories are highlighted. Read it HERE. ...
Created on 22 March 2016
7. IoT Security Failures
... that is in the process of being addressed in different ways, but obviously there's still work to do. Read the article by Andy Greenberg and Kim Zetter on the site HERE. ...
Created on 01 February 2016
8. Retail Transparency Trends
In the world of retail, transparency throughout the supply chain is being chased by everyone. It's not only being legislated in some cases, it's also just good business.On the GreenBiz site, Adam Sieg ...
Created on 21 January 2016
9. POS Data Sharing- The Ultimate Big Data
... but there is movement even in those sectors. Drug store chains CVS Caremark Corp. and Walgreen Co., for example, do, as do many of the grocers including The Kroger Co. and Safeway Inc. Whenever retailers ...
Created on 14 December 2015
10. Supply Chain Software Companies to Know
As the supply chain world continues to become more global and complex, technology has evolved right along with it. The Green Biz site has compiled a list of software companies with competencies in some ...
Created on 29 October 2015
11. Is Same-Day Delivery Necessary?
Same-day delivery is one of the hottest trends in order fulfillment for on-line purchases. The question that needs to be asked, though, is whether customers are really pushing for it.The folks at the PYMNTS ...
Created on 08 October 2015
12. The Power of the Tower
... a fresh look at the topic and explain why it's such a powerful approach.Read the article on the site by Mike Greene and Nick Caragher HERE. ...
Created on 26 September 2015
13. The Supply Chain Sustainability Playbook
Supply chain sustainability is no longer looked at as just a box on your CSR checklist. As its importance has grown and business benefits have been identified, best practices have been developed.The Hackett ...
Created on 08 September 2015
14. Dropshipping and Drones – Today vs. Tomorrow
... environmental impact. Bezos said, “It’s very green,” he said, according to Bloomberg. “It’s better than driving trucks around.” But many other things are happening that could and will impact dropshipping: ...
Created on 07 September 2015
15. Supply Chain Sustainability Questions
... e impact of sustainability, along with a nifty video, in a recent article on the GreenBiz site.Check it out HERE. ...
Created on 20 August 2015
16. The Road to Supply Chain Sustainability
Supply chain sustainability has moved from the category of 'nice to have' to the 'necessities' column. In an article on the My Purchasing Center site, Somdipto Ghosh has identified approaches to help companies ...
Created on 30 July 2015
17. Go Green Using EDI
... those technologies also can make your supply chain greener?That's what Mark Morley has to say on the GXS blog sie, and he has some great stats to back it up. Read the article HERE. ...
Created on 20 July 2015
18. Recent IoT News
We're always on the lookout for real-life examples of how technology trends are affecting us. On the Business Insider site, John Greenough provides a few examples of how IoT is moving forward.Most of th ...
Created on 15 July 2015
19. Steps to a Sustainable Supply Chain
Building a sustainable supply chain is a lofty goal. The journey from where you are now to that end point may appear to be too daunting to even begin,but Elizabeth Ichniowski from the Hackett Group has ...
Created on 23 June 2015
20. Beware the Frankencloud
As Chloe Green asks on the Information Age site, is your cloud strategy, or lack of one, creating a 'Frankencloud'? It takes a cohesive strategy and planning to ensure that applications supported by clou ...
Created on 05 May 2015