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1. Your Software Has Left the Building.
... rea of the market as SaaS providers are able to demonstrate data security through SAS 70 certification.  So companies are becoming more open to entertaining the idea of a hosted solution.  Truth be kn ...
Created on 01 April 2011
2. Look to Your Future
... about our next vacation, or nod off. However, the first speech was pretty good, the next was very interesting, the third entertaining…..  heck, every one of the first 16 until they got to Carole’s (which ...
Created on 22 November 2010
3. Cecil at UConnect
I was struck by several aspects of the event, and most of them actually made me happy... for a change.  Most of you said the sessions were informative, and some even called them "entertaining."  With nearl ...
Created on 14 June 2005