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1. Is China Attacking the Electronics Supply Chain
China may be set to weaponize the electronics supply chain, reports the Hill. Reports of China’s PLA inserting a rogue microchip on computers manufactured by Supermicro Computer has industry experts worried. ...
Created on 15 October 2018
2. Blockchain Tracks Minerals
According to Reuters, blockchain is being deployed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to track cobalt from mine to its use in electronics.   Read the article onReuters  ...
Created on 05 February 2018
3. Will electric trucks change transport?
... combustion engine and all its complexity and the transmission means less maintenance as well. Electronics are built into the design of the Semi in several ways and some that we probably don’t yet know ...
Created on 20 November 2017
4. 3DP to the Rescue
... and is obviously an improvement over other alternatives.But who does the printing? In an article on the Electronics Purchasing Solutions site, Barbara Jorgenson looks at the problem. Read about it HER ...
Created on 11 March 2015
5. Forecasting Concerns
What keeps you up at night? If you're like the supply chain executives who responded to a recent survey, then forecasting is a huge concern.In an article on the Electronics Purchasing Strategies site, Gin ...
Created on 26 February 2015
6. Top 20 Supply Chain Myths
Bolaji Ojo, on the Electronics Purchasing Strategy site, takes a spin through a list of the top 20 supply chain myths in a recent article. Although these are ostensibly specific to the electronics industry, ...
Created on 18 February 2015
7. Electronics and the IoT
The growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving change in supply chains and industries across the globe. One sector being affected more than most is in electronics.Bolaji Ojo, on the Electronics ...
Created on 03 December 2014
8. Slave Labor Plays Prominent Role In Worldwide Supply Chain
... labor in the Malaysian electronics market toils in conditions of forced labor.   The Verite report, released September 17, was the culmination of a two-year survey conducted in Malaysia. The report ...
Created on 01 October 2014
9. Cisco's Supply Chain Risk
On the Electronics Purchasing Strategies site, John Manners-Bell provides a close-up view on how a huge company, Cisco, manages it's global supply chain risk. Case studies of recent challenges are provided.It ...
Created on 27 August 2014
10. The Importance of Vendor Relationships
Dawn Gluskin, on the Electronics Purchasing Strategies site, gives us a 'back to basics' lesson on what's really important in the supply chain. In this technology-driven environment, it's easy to forget t ...
Created on 03 August 2014
11. Keep Quality in Mind for IoT
... T in a recent article on the Electronics Purchasing Strategies site. He brings up a number of great points that I hope people are considering. Read his article HERE. ...
Created on 31 July 2014
12. The Connected Car Is In View
... ealer and the driver. It is agile and scalable platform. Upgradeability of an embedded system is a significant requirement because the consumer electronics market moves at a much faster pace than the s ...
Created on 26 May 2014
13. Automotive EDI Goes Deep
...  sub-systems for the cars, such as climate or electronics. Then we have the Tier 2 suppliers who might provide components to the Tier 1 suppliers like air conditioning compressors or electric motors. The ...
Created on 16 April 2014
14. Robots Are Running The Shipments
... rn on its investment, which was somewhere between $1 million and $2 million for the 15 units, in two years' time. Philips Electronics has also jumped on the robot bandwagon for assembly of its electric raz ...
Created on 15 May 2013
15. RFID Improves Efficiencies and Reduces Shrinkage for Retailers
... ed by theft and fraud as well as procedural failures and accounting – is due to shoplifting by dishonest customers or retail employees. New products in categories such as electronics, perfumes and sportsw ...
Created on 08 April 2013
16. Insourcing and the Supply Chain
... sed to be the design of a new range or refrigerator was assumed to last seven years. Now, its two or three years. The electronics innovation has hit most consumer categories. Factories take a while to accli ...
Created on 02 April 2013
17. More on Supply Chain Segmentation
Jennifer Balijko describes some of the real-life activity occuring to address the challenge in supply chain segmentation we looked at last week.In her EBN article, she provides examples on how segmentation ...
Created on 12 January 2013
18. Will Amazon Actually Open a Retail Store?
In one of the most interesting rumors I've read about in recent memory, Amazon is considering a retail location.  Well, I know where there's available property just sitting there waiting for them in ...
Created on 08 July 2012
19. Competing in the Era, a Market Change for Distribution
... stand to lose ground as bigger and more sophisticated Web players, like, enter the market. Consider the retail electronics giant, Best Buy. While Best Buy has had an ecommerce presence ...
Created on 14 June 2012
20. Comparing You With...
... egory are those that do not have a Retail Store footprint)   Below are my findings based review EDI specifications and data flow -   Grocery/ Food Distribution Electronics Sporting  ...
Created on 11 May 2012