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1. Amazon Go - It’s all about the back end
... in new ways could signal the end of some retail mainstays like item barcode systems. If cameras can accurately identify products simply from their packaging design there’s no need for the extra printing ...
Created on 22 January 2018
2. Blockchain Obstacles and Opportunities
... have a copy of the transaction and any alteration will create a mismatch in subsequent blocks.(3)  “By its very design, blockchain has transparency and trust built into its foundation,” noted Eaton-Cardone, ...
Created on 01 January 2018
3. Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Rush
... and supplies, your space may get a little crowded and not everything will have a home. Group relevant items together – size, color, and design are great categorical distinctions – and give their area (whether ...
Created on 04 December 2017
4. Will electric trucks change transport?
... features like wind screens and tail wind directors. But they’ve been lagging European designs that incorporate wheel covers and close-attached cabs that eliminate wind drag. And the typical boxy cab design ...
Created on 20 November 2017
5. Fashion Industry Needs to Stay on Trend with Supply Chain
A new survey by DHL, the Council of Fashion Designers in America and Accenture finds that the fashion industry’s supply chain is in need of an overhaul. If the industry doesn’t embrace digital technology ...
Created on 07 November 2017
6. Disruption of Globalization and Supply Chain
...  close to the demand as possible. Unit cost trade-offs will have to be made at the design stage instead of expecting supply chain to produce a fully loaded product at a cost lower than optimized produc ...
Created on 16 October 2017
7. Advances in transport technologies
... are becoming more aerodynamic as tractor and trailer designs are reducing drag by as much as 25%. That can translate into a 5% to 15% reduction in fuel consumption. It’s been proven that wheel covers alone ...
Created on 07 September 2017
8. Supply Chain Infrastructure Do for a Makeover
Despite technology advances in other areas, supply chain infrastructure remains weak, reports Supply Chain Management Review.  The time is coming for companies to completely redesign their supply chains ...
Created on 22 August 2017
9. Where's That Dense Data?
Network design is a tough nut to crack. Models abound and scenario planning is common, yet a key element is often missing.Dr. Michael Watson on the Supply Chain Digest site explains why the dense data ...
Created on 14 March 2017
10. Automated DCs Arrive
The traditional paths for distribution center design, low automation vs. high-automation, are still available.Full automation, always a sort of 'out there in the future' option, may have arrived. A ne ...
Created on 22 November 2016
11. IoT and 3D Printers are Invading the Supply Chain
... of $300. And a slightly higher investment lets people print their own designs of pretty much anything they like. But as these printers become less expensive and more capable they will act more like a StarTrek ...
Created on 19 October 2016
12. Fixing Direct Procurement
Direct material procurement is in dire need of a redesign, according to the Supply Chain Shaman. Management of direct procurement is often in the hands of the supply chain and alignment with company strategy ...
Created on 18 October 2016
13. APICS Changes on the Way
As supply chains become more strategic, certifications and other professional designations have gained importance. In recognition, the APICS CPIM certification is undergoing some changes, according to ...
Created on 12 October 2016
14. 3D Printing Offers New Capabilities
... design, to prototyping, to production, 3DP is providing a shot in the arm to some supply chain processes. Check out his article on the EBN site HERE. ...
Created on 29 September 2016
15. DSD and Tracking Data
... they are easy to carry and they are less prone to damage from rough handling and dropping. And really, the keyboard isn’t necessary anymore, particularly if the software is designed properly for finger-tapping ...
Created on 21 September 2016
16. REI Builds a Sustainable DC
When we think about supply chain sustainability, something as basic as warehouse design doesn't typically come to mind.It's extremely important, though, and an acknowledged leader in sustainability, RE ...
Created on 30 August 2016
17. The Supply Chain is a Great Place to Be
It's a great time to be working in the supply chain, according to Dr. Madhav Durbha. Technology improvements, disruptive opportunities, and innovations in processes and network design have all made th ...
Created on 02 August 2016
18. Millennials Drive Faster Adoption
... s good from bad design.On the Spend Matters site, Kaitlyn McAvoy explains how the background of the millennials helps drive tech adoption. Read it HERE. ...
Created on 14 July 2016
19. Designing Your Distribution Network
Ths size, shape, and overall design of a supply chain distribution network has always been a moving target.As ecommerce continues to pick up momentum the pressure is on to optimize logistics costs while ...
Created on 12 July 2016
20. Horizontal Thinking
... e in' driven supply chains.Lora takes a detailed look at the network design maturity model and gives us her thoughts on how to move toward the horizontal process approach that can build a 'network of networ ...
Created on 04 July 2016