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1. What GDPR Means For Your Supply Chain
... purpose in order to hold data on your customers. There are six categories of lawful purpose: ● Consent for specific purposes ● Contractual necessity ● Controller bound by legal obligation ● Protect vital ...
Created on 30 April 2018
2. Omichannel Capabilities Have Improved
The omnichannel experience isn't as seamless as it needs to be for customers, but retailers are improving. Although Amazon is the clear leader in most shopping process categories, others are closing th ...
Created on 29 September 2016
3. Unmanned Delivery Options are Changing the Supply Chain
... other unmanned arial delivery Unmanned ground vehicles There may be others but these broad categories cover the main entrants. Notice what they mostly have in common - the lack of people involved ...
Created on 28 September 2016
4. Results of Recent Gartner Supply Chain Study
The results of this year's Gartner & The Supply Chain Digest study are in, and as usual they're a fascinating read. Not only is the methodology interesting to see, the results in some categories, in particul ...
Created on 02 August 2016
5. Big Data Rules in the Supply Chain
... es often mentioned for analyzing big data is to discover patterns and answers we haven't yet developed questions for. I think we should be thinking about big data in 2 distinct categories. Category 1 ...
Created on 07 June 2016
6. The Unnecessary Costs Of EDI Document Errors
... of product numbers into a computer system. Not surprisingly, human error is the most common reason for supply chain errors. Overall, challenges can be divided into three categories: • Wrong data (product ...
Created on 15 June 2015
7. The Strategy of Spend
Is there a magic algorithm to decide from which suppliers to source specific products and categories? Not according to Rick Long, in a guest blog on the Spend Matters site.Different approaches produce ...
Created on 30 April 2015
8. Omnichannel Procurement
... yet another effect.He sees multiple purchasing channels for different categories of goods popping up. Read his article HERE. ...
Created on 23 April 2015
9. Implementing Supply Chain Analytics
...  is difficult to diagnose. It could be anything causing the outliers: for example, products misclassified in posting to categories. This shows the importance of a data cleaning step in the process. Otherwise ...
Created on 03 December 2014
10. Are We Putting Too Much Trust in Big Data ?
... es often mentioned for analyzing big data is to discover patterns and answers we haven't yet developed questions for. I think we should be thinking about big data in 2 distinct categories. Category 1 ...
Created on 27 June 2014
11. What is Amazon Supply Doing?
... of products and categories, with their item count now exceeding 2 million  Some functionality to the AS website Not a whole lot there. It’s difficult to discern just how and what Amazon Supply ...
Created on 14 May 2014
12. Manufacturing Numbers are Looking Up
Things are looking up for manufacturing, according to the latest numbers from the ISM. All categories aren't rosy, but it looks good enough to give us some hope for the future.The numbers don't lie. Che ...
Created on 12 May 2014
13. Is Big Data Better Data?
... What’s your comfort level with each metric? Which ones are most important to you? To your partner? Which are tied directly to company/departmental goals or KPI’s? Are there any missing categories that ...
Created on 05 May 2014
14. Scary IoT Scenarios
... n, Tom Brewster reviews the categories of scary scenarios that will be enabled by the coming IoT revolution, Read about it HERE. ...
Created on 31 March 2014
15. Big Data Drives Job Growth
After reading yet another batch of Big Data articles, I bet you're wondering: "How can I get in on that?" Well, growth in certain job categories will certainly be driven by Big Data, so if your career pla ...
Created on 02 December 2013
16. EDI Costing Analysis Spreadsheet Explanation
... and how you could use it for future analysis. As you open the model, you will notice that there have been four categories defined for the data points used. The General set will calculate costs that are ...
Created on 07 June 2013
17. Biggest Supply Chain Management Problems
...  of the workers in the trenches into the five categories from the Supply Chain Council. I could be wrong, see if you agree!!! Customer service Effective supply chain management is all abou ...
Created on 15 May 2013
18. RFID Improves Efficiencies and Reduces Shrinkage for Retailers
... ed by theft and fraud as well as procedural failures and accounting – is due to shoplifting by dishonest customers or retail employees. New products in categories such as electronics, perfumes and sportsw ...
Created on 08 April 2013
19. Insourcing and the Supply Chain
... sed to be the design of a new range or refrigerator was assumed to last seven years. Now, its two or three years. The electronics innovation has hit most consumer categories. Factories take a while to accli ...
Created on 02 April 2013
20. The Importance of Supplier Visits
... doesn't think that's a very smart move. There's too much at stake for some suppliers in critical categories. Read about it HERE. ...
Created on 11 March 2013