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1. SureDone Partners with ShipEngine to Include Integrated Shipping Services
... rm. New capabilities include enhanced address validation, full support for creating UPS, FedEx and USPS labels from inside the SureDone Orders Module and the ability to connect existing carrier account ...
Created on 14 January 2019
2. Brace for the Rush
... Every online seller needs some kind of delivery service and most turn to common carriers and the USPS, or even a combination of services. The question is whether they are able to scale on demand to meet ...
Created on 05 November 2018
3. Unmanned Delivery Options are Changing the Supply Chain
... services ranging from simply managing its own delivery fleet and moving away from USPS, FedEx, and UPS, to deploying drones from local distribution centers within a 5 mile redius of delivery locations. ...
Created on 28 September 2016
4. Logistics Changes Ahead
The pace of change in the fulfillment arena continues to speed ahead. Parcel carriers that provide delivery services for the bulk of ecommerce purchases are changing their pricing models, and their largest ...
Created on 19 May 2016
5. Last Mile Challenges
On the Logistics Viewpoints site, Chris Cunnane explains why the explosive growth of ecommerce is causing headaches for retailers. As on-line and omnichannel purchases increase, more pressure is felt to ...
Created on 09 April 2015
6. USPS Delivery Enhancements
If you think you've been seeing your favorite mailman more often than usual, you're probably right. The USPS is participating in the ecommerce boom by increasing their delivery services.According to Kenne ...
Created on 28 March 2015
7. Did You Get Your Presents?
As you're reading this, it's already Christmas or maybe a bit after. Did all of your presents arrive?The folks at Logistics Viewpoint took a shot at guessing how many packages would be delivered for the ...
Created on 24 December 2014
8. USPS and Same Day Delivery
Same-day delivery continues to heat up as a fulfillment strategy. The USPS is moving forward in its efforts to stay involved. Are you ready for your grocery delivery from the mail carrier? On the one hand, ...
Created on 16 October 2014
9. New USPS Shipping Plans
In a development that makes too much sense, the USPS has cut its rates and is preparing to battle UPS and FedEx for ecommerce shipping leadership. Of course, for a perennial money loser like the post office, ...
Created on 17 September 2014
10. USPS Tests Same Day Delivery
The USPS is pulling out all the stops to remain viable. Same-day delivery holds a lot of promise for increasing business in a hot area of logistics.Although early tests haven't exactly produced great results ...
Created on 24 February 2014
11. USPS Fills a Niche
The rush to win the same day delivery battle has brought some unlikely competitors into the fray. The USPS has some advantages that could prove useful.Mail delivery continues to slow, so why not? In a ...
Created on 06 February 2014
12. Competition for the Last Mile
...  Surprisingly, the US Postal Service (USPS) is getting involved, providing Sunday delivery for some vendors and getting into same day service for some ecommerce suppliers (see recent Forbes article HERE). ...
Created on 05 February 2014
13. Time to Follow Walmart... Again?
... ly in the Eastern side of the US. Coupled with its ubiquitous presence (see item 5) there's no reason the retailer would ever need to rely solely on the USPS or any public delivery system.  And this is ...
Created on 10 January 2014
14. USPS and Amazon
In a move that surprised many, Amazon has entered into an agreement with the US Postal Service to deliver packages on Sunday. This move creates a whole bunch of questions.On Spend Matters, Jim Haller attempts ...
Created on 19 November 2013
15. Daisychaining - from GXS' Perspective
... to your trading partners should work more like FedEx than like the USPS. You should be able to track your documents at each stop along the way till their final destination. That would be optimal, but in ...
Created on 27 September 2013