Communications® today announced Cosmos, the latest version of its omnichannel customer service solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, at Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington, D.C. Cosmos introduces mobile customer support, making it simple for businesses to add live assistance capabilities to mobile applications. With Cosmos, companies can also more easily integrate their artificial intelligence (AI) strategies within Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a 'bring your own chatbot' approach that improves customer service and reduces operational costs. User enhancements are also included to improve agent efficiency.

CafeX Live Assist™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365, hosted in the Azure cloud and co-engineered by CafeX and Microsoft as the preferred omnichannel solution for Dynamics 365, gives customer care agents an integrated experience to create content engagement campaigns for online visitors, chat live and use co-browsing to interact remotely with visitors' web or mobile applications for delivery of more personalized, intelligent service anytime, anywhere. 

In just over 90 days since launch, the co-developed solution has attracted strong interest from Microsoft customers, with wins represented across financial, retail, healthcare and other industries. CafeX has also attracted nearly one hundred members to its Live Assist for Dynamics 365 partner program, including recognized brands like Provance, eBECS, PowerObjects, Hitachi Solutions, Strava Technology Group, CRM Innovation and Ledgeview Partners. A partner incentive called Fast Track provides knowledge transfer sessions and customer-facing promotions to accelerate go-to-market readiness.

Cosmos provides organizations with the following Live Assist enhancements within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

  • Mobile customer support is provided through software kits that developers can simply drop into Android and iOS applications, enabling agents to create customizable content engagement campaigns, chat live with app users as well as view and remotely interact with visitors' apps through co-navigation, annotation, file push and other types of visual assistance.
  • Simple developer tools in Live Assist ease the process for companies to implement their own chatbots in Dynamics 365, with deployment in hours rather than days using the Microsoft Bot Framework.
  • Continuity from chatbots to live agents, a first for Dynamics 365, enables a customer to escalate a bot interaction to an appropriately skilled human agent without having to switch to a different channel or repeat details to the agent, resulting in lower abandonment rates and faster resolution times.
  • Chatbots can also function as live virtual agents within Live Assist to take advantage of knowledge base access, supervisor monitoring, performance reporting, skillset management and other features available to human agents.
  • Usability improvements within Dynamics 365 help enhance agent efficiency. Agents now have an expanded view of customer context, can receive audible and visual notifications, use shortcut keys to perform actions, access canned messages grouped by category, easily associate contact records with active chats and handle multiple chats more effectively, among other productivity enhancement features.
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