altimeter-digitalIt seems odd to talk about companies moving toward the digital world. It isn't that this is a strange topic, but isn't everyone already there? In fact the answer is a resounding 'no' - or at least 'not yet' as reported in Altimeter Group's report "The 2014 State of Digital Transformation." While much of the underpinning work required to make processes and systems digitally functional, most companies are still missing the boat.

The supply chain has a significant presence in the efforts to digitize processes. But what Altimeter's report highlights is that the most important part of the supply chain is the last to be addresses. Specifically - customer experience overhaul is at the very bottom of the list. 






















For supply chain professionals who have more to think about than dealing with consumers or end customers, this may seem to be 'someone else's job.' But it's been proven by many failed businesses that treating the customer as the most important link in the chain actually is the most important issue for a company's success.

Including the customer in the supply chain is part of visibility. It may be great for the retailer to understand where products are in their journey, but ultimately if the end customer is out of the loop until delivery (or until delivery is late), visibility is incomplete. It's up to those who understand and can influence the technology that drives the supply chain to include the company's customers in their efforts to deliver complete supply chain visibility.

In case you doubt that including customers in the information loop, here's Altimeter's info-graphic that shows the benefits of digital transformation. The top 2 - Lift in engagement and Improved customer satisfaction go hand in hand. While these may not guarantee ultimate success it's reasonable to think that companies that don't attain these results will also not be successful.



























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