climb rope-teamSince the beginning of 2014, I've focussed my blogs on the start of an EDI journey.  My articles focus on organizations seeking to take on that ginormous step of embracing EDI technology as a pillar of their being; and I've talked about lessons I have learned and observed to secure process decisions applicable to organization situations.  I do hope they have been helpful.

opentext lorenWe've voiced our opinion regarding the policies and actions that both GXS and ECGrid (Loren Data) have been maneuvering around over the last several months. In our last blog we recommended that GXS, through its new management (OpenText) revise its stance and not discontinue its long standing relationship that allows ECGrid to connect its supply chain customers through GXS' VAN.

atlanta snowRecently we wrote about Interconnects Are the Market . We showed a very simplified view of how VANS Work, and what happens when they do not work. We pointed out that the whole VAN industry was based on the assumption that no connection would be refused by any of the parties. But there is no law or policy that makes this assumption enforceable.The upcoming disconnection between GXS and Loren Data could turn out to be like a huge traffic jam (about as catastrophic as the recent snow-related one in Atlanta). Yes there are usually ways to get around a traffic jam, but you end up losing time and are inconvenienced in the process.

long roadEDI solutions have become abundant in the past several years as EDI has secured its position more as a needed functionality within organizations.  This is not just for large organizations either.  It is trending in the SMB world, as well.

big contractRecently I've had opportunity to converse with suppliers who have won contracts with large organizations….refreshing to see.  Maybe our economy is continuing to turn for the better - that's only my own opinion as my expertise isn’t in our economy.  But like everyone else, I can have hope!