are we there yetI heard a four word phrase today that brought me back some years to travelling with my two sons. We took many road trips as they were growing up. It would take more than two hands to count the number of times I heard them during our travels, “Are we there yet?” Patience, dear sons, patience….we will be there soon enough! But for them, it was never too soon!
It is the same with an EDI journey. “Are we there yet?” This is where your patience will be a virtue! We all want to get to that destination soon enough but the roads need to be followed. There will be highways and one way streets. There will be traffic lights and stop signs. There will be upward inclines and the same downward hills. I think you get the point; and it is not relax and enjoy the ride! It is follow the roads and all the conditions they bring. You will reach your destination! It just may be a bit bumpy along the way. If it is bumpy, consider it to be the norm. You can’t take a journey of this nature without some bypassing along the way!

Invoking an EDI environment takes much preparation. Before you get to your destination you need to determine your organization’s roadmap to get there. There will be many drivers in the driver’s seat. Do you know who your driver’s are? Do you understand what roads they drive and the conditions the roads are in? In other words, do you know who all your players are within your organization and understand how they may be touched by an EDI solution? Have their voices been heard and their processes documented in your current environment and in future state?

Like a road trip in a car, one can speed to get to their final destination. However, one risks speeding tickets, taking a wrong turn in haste, and a multitude of other issues. It is the same with an EDI journey. Don’t be hasty to speed through the process. The EDI automobile you choose for your destination is secondary. Planning is everything. “Are we there yet?” If you planned your road trip in advance and with care, yes you are there….and the ride was rather smooth!

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