social-mediaec-bp has been participating in social media for nearly as long as the platforms have existed... that is, I've been participating in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + since each of them became available as beta experiments. Most of the content from has been posted to these sites under my personal accounts. That's changing.


At least that's changing for Facebook. You can still find my posts on Linkedin and Twitter where posts an announcement of its article posts. And while these announcements will still appear on my personal Facebook account, they will also appear on the "Official" Facebook page, HERE.


Many of you keep up with our content through your own LinkedIn accounts, and a few hundreds of you are also members of the ec-bp LinkedIn Group. We appreciate your activity there.


With the initiation of our own Facebook page, we invite everyone to Like and subscribe to our feed there, where we are posting announcements of our content. If nothing else, you now have plenty of ways to keep up with and to interact with your fellow supply chain professionals.


So, please use whatever social media properties you find best suited to your way of interacting. But if you have a few extra seconds, please do Like our new Facebook page.



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