performanceWOW, looking at the calendar I'm amazed at how fast this year has already gone... it's nearly the middle of the year already. For many of you, your well into your 2012 projects so here's hoping all is going according to plan.

currencyfluctuation"The Payoff" has modest ambitions. When we bring you the latest news about payment systems, the point is not to "energize your consumer base" or inspire your employees or any of the other lofty claims we occasionally see for "gamification" or the "mobile Web".

Customer Testimonial-resized-600 Everyone talks about the customer. They complain about customer service, wonder what their customer is thinking, and worry about customer impact. The funny thing is, a lot of times we eCommerce/EDI professionals don’t even know who our customer is. Because we’re always ‘in the middle’, it’s not always clear.

shippingI scanned the blogosphere and various Web sites for tips on choosing drop shippers and then managing those relationships. I found a lot of good info, and thought you all could use it as well.

payment"The Payoff" and, more generally, ec-bp, advocate automation and related supply-chain efficiencies; our general attitude is that "trimming the fat" is always a good thing. That's why we explain the latest techniques in EDI (electronic data interchange) and ERP (enterprise resource planning), and how to make the most of them.


You spent big bucks a few years ago on a translator, faithfully paid yearly maintenance fees, and applied upgrades. There's still something you need the software to do that it can’t. What’s there to do about it?


Big data, metrics, dashboards, analytics, clickstream data…. It’s the era of quantitative, fact-based management. Does that mean only numbers matter, or is there still a place for qualitative input into the process?

drop-shippingBefore jumping into a drop ship model – sure, it's enticing if you consider the benefits of carrying little or no inventory; besides there are gazillions of so-called drop ship providers to choose from! – make sure you understand all angles.

Tablet-Commerce1Most readers work for bricks-and-mortar stores, or for the suppliers that feed these retail outlets. How much do on-line purchases matter to them? Plenty. It's not just that on-line activity pulls away revenue that might otherwise be yours; laws and regulations aimed at on-line shopping often impact consumer relations in physical operations.

survey chart-300x300EDI is deeply integrated into the overall supply chain, and for some companies simply managing the order process is the only expectation (and result) of the technology. But since the basics are now stable and generally functional there are many opportunities to make advanced use of the processes and the data. For this survey we would like to understand what innovative uses of EDI processes and data are being put to use in your organization.

The survey questions are just basic. Please use the comments section to describe your innovations. And if you are willing to talk with us, please leave an email address and/or phone number where we might contact you for additional details.

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