globe-cloudsIt seems that everywhere you turn in the tech world (OK, with the exception of big data, mobile, social networking and the cloud), the talk these days is of server virtualization. As a manufacturer or supplier, this should be on your radar, too.

ec-bp songThe GS1 House Band visited the booth at GS1 Connect 2012 and sang our old favorite song about ec-bp. Listen close to the lyrics.

web-designAs a new e-Retailer or a ‘brick and mortar’ operation needing an on-line presence, you have plenty on your mind as you build your website. The ‘if you build it, they will come’ mentality that drove design activity in the past is now extinct. It’s more like an ‘if I build it, how can I get them to come, keep them on the site, present my products to them in such a way that they’ll want to buy them, and check them out quickly and securely’ paradigm that's now required. In today’s marketplace, you need a lot more than a search box, spec sheet, and item photo.

squareM-payment, procure-to-pay (P2P), and other emerging payment techniques "The Payoff" covers each week are often regarded in terms of cost savinglogistic compliance, and automation. Those are crucial benefits, of course, and the easiest to quantify. What's truly exciting about these opportunities, though, is the way they'll qualitatively change your customers' experience in your stores.

received stampTo expand on the article that Marlow wrote last month, we're starting to see Retailers or E-tailers moving back to looking at collaboration with their trading partners in ways similar to what started happening in the late 90's. What's different now is that most trading partners either did not have EDI or they were only trading the very basic transactions.

Supply-Chain-SecurityA new study by accounting and consulting firm BDO USA looks at concerns tech companies have about their global supply and distribution chains. Supply chains are not to be broken. But there’s plenty of risk that they might, and that risk – or at least concern over that risk – seems to be growing.

dollar-flying-awayEvery day brings news of innovation in money and payments. Consider what turned up just since we reported on MasterCard's ambitions last week:

RFID-Credit-Card-Technology"Cashless society" means something different to law enforcement agencies, privacy advocates, consumer agencies, development consultants, retailers, and other constituencies. MasterCard has been in the news often lately, revealing what it thinks about the place of cash in a consumer society. Let's look at the evidence.

man-mowing-the-lawn-gardeningSpring is now winding down, and I have been admittedly a bit neglectful of my to-do list around the homestead. This February, I had convinced myself to plant a small vegetable garden, make some minor landscaping modifications to the yard, and do some heavy duty de-cluttering inside. With only one month of Spring left, I have only managed to mow the lawn a couple of times and trim a few shrubs. When I woke up this past Saturday morning, I was determined to get at least one of those projects started before the Summer heat of the south was upon me.

performanceWOW, looking at the calendar I'm amazed at how fast this year has already gone... it's nearly the middle of the year already. For many of you, your well into your 2012 projects so here's hoping all is going according to plan.