Boyd Evert discusses auditing price information for suppliers while attending  VCF Fall Conference.



You only hear from your 'customers' when something bad happens, your sales department complains about how long it takes to 'hook up' their customers on marketplace connections, and you're constantly given grief by the SAP team about inbound documents erroring out in the interface. Is that just the nature of the EDI beast, or are you doing something very wrong?

cheetah-pictures-113Price, product, placement, promotion. These four areas of concentration have long been held as essential elements in successfully marketing a product or service to the consuming public. Oftentimes simply referred to as the 4 P’s, each of these categories in and of itself are important factors in going to market.


Have you ever received a gift that was nice, but wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for? Or even worse, how about spending big bucks on a product and bringing it home only to discover it not only requires assembly but also accessories you didn’t even know you needed?

cloud-storm-approaching-AL-420x0Buzz, hype and popularity are often followed by tons of information. Some of that information could be plain wrong, baseless or myth-ridden. Cloud computing is here to stay and is already a huge reality. Yet, we know that you might have lots of unanswered questions. We know that for small business owners, these unanswered questions lead to apprehension, needless worry, and uncertainty, which will hurt business sooner or later. Consider these common myths you should be wary of along with corresponding truth:

CollaborationWe're starting to see year end results from 2011. Many look promising but others still show struggles. It seems, from  talking with Retailers and Grocers, that they plan to continue implementing the strategies they started mid-2011. As companies continue to look at ways to improve operations to offset lower sales, an area of growing interest is improved partner collaboration. What does that actually mean to collaborate?

JillKoenigJill Koenig discusses EDI and Supply Chain issues with Scott Koegler at U Connect 2011.




Istevejobsbion my copious free time over the holidays, I managed to knock off a few of the books that had stacked up on me. Although I tend to stick to mysteries, thrillers, spy novels, and stuff like that, I occasionally find a biography that interests me. I couldn’t wait to read the Steve Jobs bio written by Walter Isaacson, and it was a winner. Even if you don’t like Apple products and you may not give a hoot about its recently deceased leader, you’ll still find it fascinating.

slowThe Economy is improving but at a much slower pace than anyone is wanting. Sears, a retail icon from the 50's and 60's, is struggling to the point that adjustments are now being made including store closures and layoffs. Changes are being made at the top for some other companies, like Christopher and Banks and realignments like Best Buy. With all this happening, it's imperative that organizations continue to find ways to operate their processes more efficiently.

worldOver the years EDI has proven to be an integral part of the strategic vision of many companies. Gaining systems integration with our customers and vendors allows us to decide and act more quickly, with more accurate and reliable data to the fluid movements of the business environment.   This in and of itself can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace.