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1. Walmart - The NEW Mandate
... was. Now the retailer is making another mandate to its suppliers. But this time it’s not about what but where. Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) has been the go-to supplier of cloud based software deployments ...
Created on 25 August 2017
2. API's to Replace EDI?
In the latest chapter of the 'when is EDI going away' saga, Jeff McCandless makes a case for replacing it with APIs. According to his article on the EBN site, supply chains that continue to depend on EDI ...
Created on 05 November 2016
3. Digital Disruption in Supply Chains
These are indeed interesting times in the supply chain. Matt Yearling takes a fresh look at how supply chains are using technology to improve processes in four stages, from simple management all the way ...
Created on 28 April 2016
4. What's Amazon Up To?
... Some examples:   • Amazon Prime raised the stakes for shipping cost transparency and value-added services. • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has had enormous impact across the spectrum of businesses, ...
Created on 17 February 2016
5. Outsourcing EDI Is The Way To Go, Says Expert
... assurance your company will comply with all EDI standards, both domestic and international • The ability to merge newer technologies (like web services) with traditional EDI • The ability to seamlessly ...
Created on 05 October 2015
6. Cloud and EDI – The IT “Bonne Chance”
... d from trading partners. Loren Data Corp operates a hosted routing cluster for EDI messages that provides just such a service. For SaaS and PaaS (Platform as a Service) vendors, they offer ECGridOS, a web s ...
Created on 11 February 2015
7. You Too Can Be An EDI Service Provider
... t VANs are obsolete! The current externally configured VAN structure (big solutions, long contracts) is better implemented as a Web Services API (Application Programming Interface). That will give you t ...
Created on 02 February 2015
8. Amazon's New Pricing for AWS
Cloud services has become a big business, led by the Amazon Web Services offering. As expected, other big players have jumped in, notably Google.Amazon has proposed a new pricing scheme that looks attractive ...
Created on 08 December 2014
9. Big Data Applications & Cloud a Heavenly Match?
... We have some high-profile vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Rackspace who offer cloud-based Hadoop and NoSQL database platforms to support big data applications. None of t ...
Created on 19 November 2014
10. Amazon Web Services' Success
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a howling success for a long time. Why? What makes it a big leader in cloud services?In an article on SearchCloudComputing, Caitlin White answers the most common questions ...
Created on 02 March 2013
11. Amazon Web Services Evolution
Tom Nolle on the Tech Target cloud services site, takes a look at the hugely successful Amazon Web Services offering.He's interested in how AWS will move forward from this point. Read his thoughts HER ...
Created on 22 January 2013
12. SAP Receives Amazon Certification
Amazon has certified SAP business applications to use its cloud services.  Read Gavin Clarke's summary of what's happening with this topic HERE. 
Created on 24 November 2012
13. EDI is Still Going Strong
For every article about the impending demise of EDI, you'll find another about how much growth it's experiencing and how well the technology continues to function. In some parts of the supply chain, ...
Created on 17 June 2012
14. 4 Cloud Computing Myths You Should be Wary Of
... L. Brandt who wrote One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of, Amazon’s Web Services alone brings in a revenue of half a billion dollars annually for Amazon with customers such as Netflix tugging ...
Created on 08 March 2012
15. 2012 Model for Supply Chain Management (SCM)
I am developing what I expect the “model year 2012” SCM system should encompass. In a Supply Chain Management system, EDI and ERP are  intrinsically tied together. Therefore, I am planning  to evaluate ...
Created on 16 September 2011
16. 2012 Model for Supply Chain Management (SCM)
... Trading Partners, there must be a VAN (Value Added Network) interface. The current externally configured VAN structure (big solutions, long contracts) is better implemented as a Web Services API (Application ...
Created on 16 September 2011
17. CLOUD and SaaS for Supply Chain
... , run, and manage your applications in their cloud environment; the infrastructure layer consists of providers, including Amazon Web Services, IBM, Opsource, and others, that provide a hosted infrastruc ...
Created on 22 June 2011
18. Should My Client Start A New EDI VAN?
... ! Most VANs are obsolete! The current externally configured VAN structure (big solutions, long contracts) is better implemented as a Web Services API (Application Programming Interface). That will give y ...
Created on 21 September 2010
19. SaaS EDI to Back-end ERP – How’s the Connection?
... in supporting business processes and providing reliable document transfer,” he says. “There are always multiple approaches to integrating with an ERP system – through Web services, batch integration, direct ...
Created on 04 July 2010
20. From the Top - Agile Network
... een extending our current Enterprise Web Services product portfolio down to small to medium Enterprises to automate the pack/ship/ASN process to comply with customer requirements. - How has this focus cha ...
Created on 19 April 2005