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1. IBM on Two Fronts
... early stages of blockchain deployments, but IBM already has traction with its Food Trust blockchain project in conjunction with Walmart. Where, when, and even if TradeLens overcomes its current obstacles ...
Created on 29 October 2018
2. Target Freight Management Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing U.S. Companies for 4th Straight Year
... says Henderson: “The market always fluctuates; it’s all about relationships and building trust.”  ...
Created on 08 October 2018
3. Target Freight Management Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing U.S. Companies
... wrong, says Henderson: “The market always fluctuates; it’s all about relationships and building trust.”  ...
Created on 10 September 2018
4. New App Eliminates Shipping Docs
According to Digital Supply Chain, Block Array’s new FreightTrust is using blockchain to eliminate paper shipping documents.   Read the article onDigital Supply Chain  ...
Created on 13 August 2018
5. 5 Effective Strategies To Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient
... help instil a sense of loyalty and trust in your task force, which will motivate them to work more efficiently. 4. Share All Relevant Information: The scenario keeps changing everyday! So, it is natural ...
Created on 18 June 2018
6. IBM Pins Hopes on Blockchain
According to Digital Supply Chain, IBM’s Food Trust Blockchain solution is being deployed with help from several collaborators. The hope is that it will improve transparency, delivery and save costs and ...
Created on 20 May 2018
7. What GDPR Means For Your Supply Chain
...  it to build trust with your customers, letting them know that you are compliant across all stages of your supply chain ● You can centralize all electronic marketing on software that makes it easy to manag ...
Created on 30 April 2018
8. Managing the supplier relationship makes business better
... that are halting the flow of goods. Managing suppliers successfully means creating a trusting environment with cooperative involvement that approaches problems collaboratively, without trying to place ...
Created on 15 January 2018
9. Blockchain Obstacles and Opportunities
... have a copy of the transaction and any alteration will create a mismatch in subsequent blocks.(3)  “By its very design, blockchain has transparency and trust built into its foundation,” noted Eaton-Cardone, ...
Created on 01 January 2018
10. Pilot Offers Expanded Logistics Management Solutions
... distribute and manage transportation operations, all under Pilot’s trusted name. Clients can fully customize the experience to fit their needs by outsourcing distribution, packaging and transportation ...
Created on 19 December 2017
11. 2018 Supply Chain Tech Predictions
Predictions for hot trends in 2018s supply chain include blockchain technology, reports eWeek. To many blockchain is a mystery, but really it is a circle of trusted partners who do business regularly and ...
Created on 19 December 2017
12. Some Reasons Blockchain is Gaining Traction
... aimed at the food industry to deliver a ‘trusted environment for transactions’ that has garnered several big name players including Dole, Golden State Foods, Kroger, McCormick and Company, Nestlé, Tyson ...
Created on 06 September 2017
13. DB Schenker Reduces Onboarding Time for eCommerce Customers
... lad that DB Schenker trusted us with this project and that, once again, we were able to show that the Magic xpi code-free, visual approach and easy-to-use connectivity with its high productivity and reliabi ...
Created on 30 August 2017
14. The Trust Machine
... all about trust, folks.... read his article HERE. ...
Created on 07 February 2017
15. Becoming a Procurement MVP
Everybody wants to be a star, but do you have what it takes to be an MVP? Of Procurement? Becoming a 'trusted advisor' may be the key to stepping up into that role, according to Chris Sawchuk of the Hacket ...
Created on 26 October 2016
16. Big Data Rules in the Supply Chain
... that it is not humanly possible to cross-check the insights that big data provides means we can be trusting the black box to be a better guide than are our own instincts and experiences. I suggest using  ...
Created on 07 June 2016
17. The Unnecessary Costs Of EDI Document Errors
... just one cost of EDI document errors. The credibility of the supplier is also challenged by this error, potentially hampering the trust between them and the buyer.   Bad data Bad data accounts for ...
Created on 15 June 2015
18. Avoid Compliance Problems With Better Communications
... suppliers’ business. If retailers look closer, they’ll gain more insight and understanding. And a supplier can be encouraged to disclose their processes more in the context of a trusting relationship. ...
Created on 13 May 2015
19. Is Social Media Doing Anything For You?
... r how the technology transfers the world we live in, the physical handshake will always remain as the ultimate deal maker. Mutual trust is not something you can easily build online or purely digitally. Human i ...
Created on 19 February 2015
20. What Happens After Walmart?
... t to own it quickly at the lowest possible cost. Sometimes that will equate to driving to the store. Other times it will require shipment. But I think that as consumers become more accustomed to trusti ...
Created on 10 October 2014