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1. Is Your Supply Chain at Risk?
In an Industry Week article, Guy Courtin gives us some ideas on how to identify risks to your supply chain. Having tools to expose and mitigate them is essential to managing their impact on your business. ...
Created on 09 June 2012
2. Why the Order Acknowledgments and Statuses are So Important
... gment is one of the first triggers for ¬†suppliers to provide status. Some Retailers are using this document as confirmation of the receipt of the order (997 on steroids) however these days the content  ...
Created on 01 June 2012
3. Automation of Domestic Transportation
...  cartons and stage the shipment until the product is picked up. Some suppliers have systems in place whereby the creation of the Carrier's label also triggers the carrier to arrange for a pickup. As mentio ...
Created on 27 June 2011
4. EDI Scheduling and File Transfer Best Practices
... sending party and the arrival of the data triggers the translation job to start. On the sending side the trading partner does not have to worry about waiting for the receiver to retrieve the ...
Created on 06 June 2011
5. Enterprise Schedulers vs EDI Schedulers
... helps an EDI job is for example an SAP (or any ERP) inventory replenishment job must be completed before the EDI 850 Outbound job can start. The completion of the ERP inventory replenishment job triggers ...
Created on 10 May 2011