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1. Cecil T. Wulfe - Observations and rants
... and the information contained in the various transactions. Cecil travels the US (usually by car), visiting his clients and sampling the local culinary treats along the way. He is an advocate for his ...
Created on 26 December 2011
2. Why Machine Learning is Right for Your Supply Chain Strategy
... through the ever-accumulating transactions in ways previously thought impossible, and in speeds unimaginable till recently. Here are just a few of the ways you can put machine learning to work on improving ...
Created on 13 August 2018
3. When will blockchain overrun the supply chain?
... transactions are recorded then duplicated across some number (possibly thousands) of locations that can be located anywhere. The fact that transactions are identified only by an account number means that ...
Created on 31 July 2018
4. Is Blockchain the Answer… to Everything Supply Chain?
... server can be rebuilt from the copies on the others. It’s safe against data breach because the transactions are annonymous. In many cases the transactions stored in blockchain servers are unencrypted ...
Created on 07 May 2018
5. eCommerce Sales Grew 16% in 2017; Online Fraud Soared 30%
... fraud: 72% of businesses cite fraud as a growing concern, 71% admit to denying more transactions than they should, and 84% believe the need for fraud risk mitigation could be reduced if they were certain ...
Created on 07 May 2018
6. Expanded Payment Options Can Help Merchants Boost Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
...    About Chargebacks911: Chargebacks911, known as The Chargeback Company in Europe, safeguards over 2.4 billion online transactions every year, representing clients in 87 different countries. It is ...
Created on 16 April 2018
7. Data drives the supply chain but data storage can cripple yours
Your manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, and retail channels are all perking along just fine. You have a great team handling your EDI transactions and managing exceptions and your trading partner relationships ...
Created on 09 April 2018
8. AI is now a necessity
Supply chain transactions, mostly in the form of EDI transactions, generate huge amounts of data. But the advent of IoT devices, RFID tags, and retail sales transactions are making what seemed to be ...
Created on 20 March 2018
9. What does crypto currency have to do with the supply chain?
... tags to monetary transactions so that products can be tracked reliably from point of origin to final destination, and to consumption. VeChain hasn’t yet been fully adopted as the new standard but there ...
Created on 12 March 2018
10. Sustainability in the Chain
... materials? Look into their past performance to guide your investigations. How easily can you audit the events in your supply chain? International transactions are subject to audits as multiple stages. ...
Created on 05 March 2018
11. Rethink Fraud Strategy as Average Merchant’s Costs Climb to $15.5 Million
... card-not-present (CNP) fraud. In a recent survey of CFOs, 64% reported an increase in both the number and dollar amount of chargebacks linked to CNP transactions. Among eCommerce companies, that number ...
Created on 19 February 2018
12. Amazon Go - It’s all about the back end
... price sticker and was manually keyed in at checkout time. In fact there are plenty of self-checkout lines in grocery stores where consumers scan their own goods and handle their own payment transactions. ...
Created on 22 January 2018
13. Managing the supplier relationship makes business better
... the fact that actual individuals make up the companies on either side of the transactions. But it’s when things don’t go exactly as planned that those people have to get involved and resolve the issues ...
Created on 15 January 2018
14. Blockchain Obstacles and Opportunities
... FinTech firm DH Corporation by Austin-based Vista Equity Partners and more than 150 additional blockchain transactions totaling $965 million—versus the $624 million raised over the same period last year.(1) ...
Created on 01 January 2018
15. Some Reasons Blockchain is Gaining Traction
... aimed at the food industry to deliver a ‘trusted environment for transactions’ that has garnered several big name players including Dole, Golden State Foods, Kroger, McCormick and Company, Nestlé, Tyson ...
Created on 06 September 2017
16. Is the Future of EDI in Blockchain?
... over and totally change the way B2B transactions take place. To be sure, the security and distributed nature of blockchain based data transfer offer advantages to almost every participant along the path ...
Created on 06 September 2017
17. Walmart - The NEW Mandate
... suppliers hosting its data and the transactions they process on its competitor’s cloud either. The most recent mandate instructs suppliers to move their systems off AWS. They’re apparently fine with alternate ...
Created on 25 August 2017
18. History of Procurement Software
Jason Busch takes an ambitious shot at tracing the history of procurement technology in a recent piece on the Spend Matters site. It's a great start at identifying how procurement has grown up along with ...
Created on 20 December 2016
19. Is Blockchain a Fit For Supply Chain?
We've been reading a lot about 'blockchain' technology, but is any of it relevant to our work?According to a recent guest article on the Spend Matters site by Jonas Divine, the P2P process may be a good ...
Created on 22 November 2016
20. Have You Connected the Dots Yet?
... EDI transactions into the formats your company uses is controllable. That’s not to say it’s simple and doesn’t require constant attention, but the tools have been honed to the point that daily operations ...
Created on 17 November 2016