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1. EDI Trading Partners
Created on 31 December 2012
2. What’s Cloud Got To Do With It?
... very first orders between trading partners. So is it any surprise that IDC expects taht 80% of supply chain interactions will be cloud based by 2020? A little history First there were VANs. Those ...
Created on 05 September 2018
3. When will blockchain overrun the supply chain?
... trading partner’s version of their transaction still needs to be translated to the format of the other partner. Adoption When EDI was introduced it was adopted by those trading partners that saw an ...
Created on 31 July 2018
4. Will Digital Tech Save Your Supply Chain?
... applied to your efforts depends entirely on how you and your trading partners use them. Blockchain - Basically a secure and distributed database but not a product in itself. It’s been widely associated ...
Created on 19 February 2018
5. Announcing Supply Chain Technology News - the Next Generation of
... technology news and trends. Today’s supply chain is more than simple transport of EDI documents. The complexity of maintaining compliance with trading partners, managing the ever increasing amount ...
Created on 11 July 2017
6. Have You Connected the Dots Yet?
Let’s have some fun with math. What EDI translator does your company use? For that matter, what ERP, 3PL, or other service is on your short list? Next, how many trading partners do you have? And finally, ...
Created on 17 November 2016
7. The Need for Demand-Driven B2B
Since their inception, B2B trading networks have continued to evolve. Not enough for the Supply Chain Shaman, though.In addition to providing a concise history of the technology, Lora Cecere gives us her ...
Created on 28 June 2016
8. Take Advantage of Supply Chain Big Data
Today’s supply chain is no stranger to big data, at least not when it comes to generating it. Think about the millions of transactions passed between trading partners every day that are triggered by the ...
Created on 27 June 2016
9. All Hail to the Cloud
... available to trading partners immediately, and visibility into the status of orders is delivered simply as part of the overall service. As cloud-based systems continue to evolve and take on more processor ...
Created on 26 April 2016
10. Quality Data Required!
The lifeblood of the supply chain is good data. That's why it's so important to understand how different types of data affect your planning processes.On the Logistics Viewpoints site, Richard Koch takes ...
Created on 21 April 2016
11. Mind Your Data
...  by the plethora of transactions moving between trading partners. And as the demands for visibility increase so does the number and complexity of the documents. A couple years ago I looked into some issue ...
Created on 28 March 2016
12. Big Data from EDI Can Make Predictions
...  it would seem that there is a wealth of data in those transactions. The data now covers (depending on the trading partners) every aspect of the order process, from initial P.O. to final payment, with plent ...
Created on 15 March 2016
13. Becoming Demand-Driven
Supply chain visibility is a worthy goal that a lot of managers are seeking. Visibility creates a huge number of benefits, but more importantly is the key to your supply chain becoming demand-driven.According ...
Created on 08 March 2016
14. What’s Your AQ (Analytics Quotient)?
Your supply chain is controlled by data. As that data flows between your company an your trading partners it tells a story. For most companies that story is the current state of events. It reflects the ...
Created on 07 March 2016
15. Everything Is In the Cloud - Except for B2B transactions
... trading partners to implement electronic connections. And it doesn’t stop with just getting data into the right forms with the right data. Companies universally have problems connecting their internal ...
Created on 08 February 2016
16. Connecting B2B Partners
On the Forbes site, Lora Cecere takes an in-depth look at B2B connectivity. This excellent article examines the entire flow of data between businesses, options for connectivity, and benefits and problems ...
Created on 01 February 2016
17. Integration in the B2B World
Let’s have some fun with math. What EDI translator does your company use? For that matter, what ERP, 3PL, or other service is on your short list? Next, how many trading partners do you have? And finally, ...
Created on 26 January 2016
18. Beware the Shopper
... information is consumed and subsequently distributed by the product supplier’s retail trading partners. But that still leaves the producers without their own vehicle for delivery of their own content. ...
Created on 15 January 2016
19. What’s In YOUR Bill?
... service providers have combined to reduce the overall costs of transferring order transactions between trading partners. But has transfer pricing bottomed out yet? Of course you can’t really know if ...
Created on 11 January 2016
20. You Are Only As Strong As Your Supply Chain
... B2B integration infrastructure. Yet, when it comes to improving overall process efficiency and adding new trading partners that would create a competitive advantage, most companies are held back by the ...
Created on 05 January 2016