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1. Data drives the supply chain but data storage can cripple yours
... to watch and manage before they deliver surprises you don’t need. Monitor the growth in terms of storage size As the size of your data grows you need more capacity. That may seem obvious but until ...
Created on 09 April 2018
2. AI is now a necessity
... the original recommendation. So the value of the analytics has become watered down and ROI is questionable, leading some companies to rethink their data storage and retention practices. Artificial intelligence ...
Created on 20 March 2018
3. What does crypto currency have to do with the supply chain?
... a secure data structure. Cyber currencies are interesting as boundryless money exchanges free from governmental effects. Supply chain visibility depends on secure storage of data in ways that can be reliably ...
Created on 12 March 2018
4. Amazon Tests New Shipping & Storage Program
According to Chain Storage Age, Amazon is testing FBA onsite, which is a pilot program that offers sellers access to a shipping and warehouse program. Currently, the program is by invite only.   Read ...
Created on 30 January 2018
5. Container Company Takes Cryptocurrency
According to Supply Chain Digital, Skycell, a temperature controlled storage container firm, which is part of a larger Swiss container company will now accept cryptocurrency payments.   Read the ...
Created on 22 January 2018
6. The Impact of Reverse Logistics
... by connecting non-profit organizations with corporate excess inventory. WIN accepts bulk donations and does not charge donors a processing, storage or handling fee for corporate contributions. For more ...
Created on 08 January 2018
7. Industry 4.0 is bringing about Supply Chain 4.0. Are you ready?
...  Every participant in the supply chain is being armed with more data than they have ever encountered. Their first challenge is to collect and store it; in itself a mundane IT task of managing storage ...
Created on 13 November 2017
8. Best Practices to Support Speedy Delivery
There is no 'silver bullet' in meeting the speedy delivery expectations of ecommerce customers. There are, though, several best practices you can adopt to improve your chances.On the Supply Chain 247 site, ...
Created on 17 November 2016
9. Take Advantage of Supply Chain Big Data
... was understandable when costs of data storage were high and analytic tools all but nonexistant. But those days are gone. Similar logic is pervasive when it comes to retail sales transaction data. The ...
Created on 27 June 2016
10. Big Data Rules in the Supply Chain
... nd storage capacities have become exceedingly affordable to the point that the cost of a few additional terabytes is worth the gamble that the data stored will eventually be useful. In fact one of the u ...
Created on 07 June 2016
11. IoT is Real and Present
... eces of this ongoing puzzle continue to interact and build capability as new functions become available. Feeding the data produced by the IoT into central storage and analysis engines will go a long wa ...
Created on 01 June 2016
12. Is Your Supply Chain OS Ready?
... deliver a number of functions necessary to run the devices. These typically include storage, communication, presentation, and other important features. But very few computers are useful without the applications ...
Created on 17 May 2016
13. What's the Difference: SasS, Cloud, or Hosted
... e based on usage of the resource during the billing period. Prices are generally set per gigabyte of storage, per gigabyte of data transfer, and per CPU cycles. The number of computers assigned to an accou ...
Created on 05 April 2016
14. Mind Your Data
...  difficult or impossible to respond to in any meaningful way. That recommendation was made during a time when storage space was becoming significantly less expensive, but before the concept of big dat ...
Created on 28 March 2016
15. Big Data from EDI Can Make Predictions
EDI is a significant source of big data. Of course that's no shock to anyone dealing with data storage or a VAN bill, but when you consider the volume of transactions and the number or companies involved ...
Created on 15 March 2016
16. What's Amazon Up To?
... reducing the cost of cloud data storage and removing barriers to scaling for small businesses. • Amazon’s purchase of industrial robot company Kiva and implementation into its DCs lowered costs and ...
Created on 17 February 2016
17. Everything Is In the Cloud - Except for B2B transactions
... data and services in publicly available storage sites and moving data between local storage in the office and inexpensive hosting. But even with all this activity and concentration on the benefits of cloud ...
Created on 08 February 2016
18. Supply Chain & Logistics Trends for the New Year
January is almost past, but it's not too late to read about supply chain & logistics trends, particularly when they're from one of our favorite sources.Steve Banker, Chris Cunnane, and Clint Reiser from ...
Created on 26 January 2016
19. Clouds Defined
... d. Prices are generally set per gigabyte of storage, per gigabyte of data transfer, and per CPU cycles. The number of computers assigned to an account can fluctuate instantly on demand, and can vary f ...
Created on 29 December 2015
20. Fix That Supply Chain With Logistics Updates
... definitions of both “Logistics” and “Supply Chain Management”: LOGISTICS: The process of planning, implementing and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage ...
Created on 02 November 2015