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1. Teenage Truckers, Solution to Nation’s Shipping Woes?
... among young people, and there is a distinct shortage of secure, well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree.” Advanced Training Systems has developed advanced simulation technology and training ...
Created on 07 May 2018
2. Making the Supply Chain into a Game
Supply Chain Insights, a supply chain research firm, and software developer Llamasoft have developed a new supply chain game, reports Supply Chain Quarterly. The simulation helps companies teach their ...
Created on 25 August 2017
3. Concurrency is the Word
It's always important to stay up-to-date with buzzwords. For example, were you aware that the future of supply chain planning is 'concurrency'?Melissa Clow, on the 21st Century Supply Chain site, reviews ...
Created on 23 March 2017
4. More 2015 Resolutions
It's almost too late for another article on this topic, but CJ Wehlage on the 21st Century Supply Chain site has thrown the usual type of resolutions out the window and gives us some real actionable ones.If ...
Created on 14 January 2015
5. Creativity in the Supply Chain
'Creativity' and 'supply chain' are rarely seen in the same sentence, but that doesn't mean it'll always be that way.Bill DuBois, in a 21st Century Supply Chain article, talks about how important creativity ...
Created on 21 October 2013
6. What's the Best Supply Chain Solution?
There are a number of ways to optimize your supply chain's performance. A couple common approaches are simulation and optimization. Which one is better?In an article on the Business2Community site, th ...
Created on 07 October 2013
7. Danger: Excel
The great Microsoft spreadsheet product Excel is often the Swiss Army knife of software. It's used for everything, and in some cases that's not a good thing.On the 21st Century Supply Chain site, John ...
Created on 30 April 2013
8. Mitigate Risk Through Supply Chain Design
Modeling your supply chain can be of great importance in creating strategies to mitigate risks. In a Supply Chain Digest article, Toby Brzoznowski explains how modeling aids in visibility, scenario analysis, ...
Created on 13 March 2013