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1. 3 Ways a CPO Can Transform a Business
... to optimization and prioritization, will only improve. When procurement professionals have a seat at the executive table, they are given access to the strategic business goals, the influence to make ...
Created on 24 October 2017
2. When Supply Chains Merge: Mistakes To Avoid
... se, keep the customer aware of what you are doing. A careful post-merger assessment and project-prioritization process will keep the new company focused on achieving long-term productivity gains instead o ...
Created on 20 October 2014
3. Supply Chain Benchmarking
Benchmarking is always a good idea, since it not only can tell you where you stand against measurements but can also highlight areas for improvement.A blog by the OPS Rules group on the B2C site explains ...
Created on 25 February 2013
4. Does the Supply Chain Department Need the IT Department?
...  a decision to invest in IT should not be limited by lack of internal IT resources or IT project prioritization. If a technology project stands on its own business merit, there should be a mechanism t ...
Created on 07 October 2011
5. Optimum Structures for EDI Departments
...  on corporate prioritization of workload, or perhaps just on a first in, first out (FIFO) system, with the next EDI specialist in line taking the next project to come up. The main benefits of this structur ...
Created on 22 April 2011
6. Here's to You!
... would often need to deal with these processes: project prioritization, implementation, content file creation, functionality development, invoice quality, and production control. Each of these includes either ...
Created on 10 August 2010
7. How Is Your EDI Department Attached?
... rtant. It can either facilitate the overall use of eCommerce across the organization, or it can be a hindrance from a budget, workflow, and project prioritization standpoint. Most EDI teams seem to  ...
Created on 13 June 2010