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1. Another Big Logistics Move by Amazon
As we've witnessed Amazon's various moves through the last year, the one sure bet we thought we could make was that they'd be moving heavily into logistics.Well, we would've won that one as they've begun ...
Created on 14 February 2017
2. Supply Chain Predictions for 2015
... 2014 there was an explosion in the application of drones for myriad purposes, so even if your Christmas parcels aren’t dropped on your doorstep by a drone, chances are drones were involved in weather, ...
Created on 29 December 2014
3. New USPS Shipping Plans
In a development that makes too much sense, the USPS has cut its rates and is preparing to battle UPS and FedEx for ecommerce shipping leadership. Of course, for a perennial money loser like the post office, ...
Created on 17 September 2014
4. Courier Performance
Courier Services refers to postal and courier activities, such as pickup, transport and delivery of letters and parcels under various arrangements. Local delivery and messenger services are also included. ...
Created on 15 August 2014