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1. Rethink Fraud Strategy as Average Merchant’s Costs Climb to $15.5 Million
... fraud statistics and explains why a growing number of CFOs see outsourcing as a better solution.   Following the U.S. transition to EMV chip cards in 2015, merchants have faced growing levels of ...
Created on 19 February 2018
2. Pilot Offers Expanded Logistics Management Solutions
... distribute and manage transportation operations, all under Pilot’s trusted name. Clients can fully customize the experience to fit their needs by outsourcing distribution, packaging and transportation ...
Created on 19 December 2017
3. Trump's Impact on Supply Chains
Supply chain professionals are the many folks stuggling to figure out what a Trump presidency will mean.Kevin O'Marah takes a shot at predicting how actions associated with the President-elect's previous ...
Created on 03 January 2017
4. The Meaning of "World Class"
"World Class" seems to be an over-used phrase, but the supply chain experts at the Hackett Group know it when they see it.Their recent report not only defines the term, but it spells out what it means ...
Created on 29 November 2016
5. Driving Supply Chain Digitalization
Digital advances are rapidly moving into the supply chain. It's not just Big Data and analytics, though. According to the EMSNOW site, several trends are driving the changes.Read the article on the site ...
Created on 21 June 2016
6. Managing Your Supply Chain
... Planning. We have, of course, see the rise of Outsourcing, but keep an eye on Insourcing too. The growing number of SKUs (because of changing customer preferences) for consumer-facing businesses will impact ...
Created on 30 November 2015
7. How Much Does an EDI Transaction Cost?
... other options, whether that’s running EDI in-house, outsourcing it all to a managed service provider, or leveraging a SaaS-based EDI solution. Perhaps the data most challenging to come by is related ...
Created on 23 November 2015
8. The Risk of Big Outsourcing
On the technology front, topics like outsourcing and the cloud are tied together in subtle ways, according to James Governor. The growth of cloud tech is an enabler, in a way, of 'big' outsourcing, whic ...
Created on 17 November 2015
9. What is an XPL?
... d-to-end tracking of containers system which will allow government agencies to receive information on container shipments (all part of the process). Outsourcing is often taking a set of work, tasks, respons ...
Created on 17 November 2015
10. Outsourcing EDI Is The Way To Go, Says Expert
... supply chain known as EDI, outsourcing those efforts is the most economical way of doing business, says Davis. “Computers can’t read EDI. They require a translator or an intermediary piece of software ...
Created on 05 October 2015
11. Difference Between Outsourcing and Managed Services
... Do you simply outsource EDI or do you search out a managed services solution? The typical reaction to this question is: “What is the difference?” Simply stated, plain old outsourcing is great when you  ...
Created on 28 August 2015
12. Growth in Procurement Outsourcing
Procurement outsourcing is on the rise, according to recent research by Everest Global. There are lots of reasons for this growth, and a recent post on the Sourcing Innovation site explains a few of them.Technology ...
Created on 20 August 2015
13. Outsourcing Compliance Optimization
... delivered (and after, such as invoices). Then think about the thousands of orders fulfilled by scores and scores of suppliers, and it becomes easy to understand why outsourcing the process is almost always ...
Created on 13 July 2015
14. Outlier / Event Management - Focus on Outsourcing
... different from the rest of the supply chain. “Culturally” might include: language or work methods. Running an outlier tends to cause difficulties to the Supply Chain Management. Let's look at outsourcin ...
Created on 11 June 2015
15. VANs Are Well Positioned to Support Logistics
... and effort. That’s time that internal staff could be devoting to other projects. But the point is that a VAN can be a good alternative to full outsourcing. It keeps the operations internal while bringing ...
Created on 04 June 2015
16. Exploring the Supply Chain Talent Gap
What's it take to excel in a supply chain role now, and how will that change in the future? On the EPS site, Gina Roos provides a summary of recent research on the subject.A key finding: even though the ...
Created on 16 May 2015
17. Why Outsource the Onboarding Process
... about outsourcing to experts where ever possible. We are not necessarily talking about outsourcing your whole e-commerce operation. Yes, in some cases you might consider, but we are concentrating today ...
Created on 20 April 2015
18. Should EDI be outsourced?
...  and technologies. This is particularly true when the technology is critical to the business despite not being their core competency, which is often the case with EDI. Outsourcing can remove the uncertaint ...
Created on 15 April 2015
19. Is Manufacturing Back in the US?
Is manufacturing really returning to US soil, or is Asia still a more attractive option? Although labor costs in China have increased, other benefits can still drive companies to outsource.The Asia option ...
Created on 07 April 2015
20. Top 20 Supply Chain Myths
Bolaji Ojo, on the Electronics Purchasing Strategy site, takes a spin through a list of the top 20 supply chain myths in a recent article. Although these are ostensibly specific to the electronics industry, ...
Created on 18 February 2015