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1. Spend Matters View of Trump's Election
The surprise 'win' by Donald Trump at the polls has shaken things up a bit. That could be the understatement of the year....Jason Busch, on the Spend Matters site, looks at the high level impact on procurement ...
Created on 14 November 2016
2. Designing a Beautiful Supply Chain
In the latest article in his series on supply chain design, Jonathan Lofton focuses on how aesthetics fits into the process. Making your supply chain 'beautiful' may sound funny, but using 'systems thinking' ...
Created on 08 March 2016
3. The Flexible Supply Chain
In an article on the EBN site, Jim O'Reilly discusses how supply chains are being affected by market forces that make binary decisions obsolete. It's no longer a matter of either/or; there's a premium ...
Created on 26 January 2014
4. Time to Home-Shore?
There's a lot of talk about manufacturing's resurgence in America. A blog on the Sourcing Innovation site tells us why that's a great idea.Cost advantages for off-shoring have disappeared and the benef ...
Created on 25 April 2013