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1. What’s In YOUR Bill?
There’s no question that the cost of EDI service has come down over the years. The availability of inexpensive Internet connections, DIY connections, direct transfer, and the shifting landscape of EDI ...
Created on 11 January 2016
2. Is SaaS Based EDI a Cloud Service?
Confusion reigns over whether hosted or software as a service (SaaS) is the better choice for that next software overhaul. It doesn't help that so many hosted vendors are touting their wares as SaaS or ...
Created on 04 January 2016
3. Clouds Defined
Some time ago we sent out a survey asking about your perceptions of SaaS, Cloud computing, and Hosted solutions. Of course we were interested in EDI solutions, but the question is a generic one that applies ...
Created on 29 December 2015
4. Fearless Predictions for 2016
Yep, it’s that time of year…. time to reflect on how our predictions for 2015 turned out and to look in our crystal ball to guess what may be the compelling stories of 2016. It’s a tough job but somebody’s ...
Created on 21 December 2015
5. POS Data Sharing- The Ultimate Big Data
Point of sale (POS) data has long been the domain of the retailer that collects it. It hasn’t always available – in detail, anyway – to manufacturers and suppliers that could use the data for such things ...
Created on 14 December 2015
6. Using Behavior to Your Advantage
It’s the start of a new year and once again, I set goals for the year. These are different than “resolutions” as I fully intend on meeting them. Some of these goals are the same from year to year: get ...
Created on 04 December 2015
7. Managing Your Supply Chain
Everyone is suggesting what the trends in Supply Chain Management (SCM) are for 2016. Most of the writers agree on a “core” of important trends (sort of like the  “motherhood and apple pie” thing. Then ...
Created on 30 November 2015
8. How Much Does an EDI Transaction Cost?
It’s fairly well documented that EDI and automated B2B processes can save money over manual, paper-based transactions. But just how much money are buyers and suppliers paying per EDI transaction, and are ...
Created on 23 November 2015
9. What is an XPL?
In every EDI application, knowledge of the business needs and functions is of paramount importance. If you don't understand a "purchase order" or a "load tender" or a "health care claim or encounter" you'll ...
Created on 17 November 2015
10. Your EDI Payments - Exposed
There continues to be confusion around who pays the price for EDI. There are three answers to this based on the definition of the question.     EDI VAN costs If the question is around the cost ...
Created on 09 November 2015
11. Supply Chain Management Dashboards Growing
There’s nothing necessarily new about dashboards – software that serves as a control panels for enterprise applications and provides high-level views of a variety of performance and data-intensive information. ...
Created on 19 October 2015
12. Take it EDI Easy
Getting started with EDI may not seem to be the easiest venture a business could undertake. But regardless of the level of difficulty, it’s a necessity for a growing number of trading partners who want ...
Created on 13 October 2015
13. Outsourcing EDI Is The Way To Go, Says Expert
According to James H. Davis, director of sales of Amosoft, an EDI provider, a vast majority of “all commerce is done through EDI.” Because of its unparalleled importance to the success of supply chain ...
Created on 05 October 2015
14. The Value Add Makes the VAN
Value-Added Networks (VANs) have been around for more than 30 years. But today’s VAN is definitely not your father’s VAN. VANs have evolved from simply being a managed network on which to exchange EDI ...
Created on 24 September 2015
15. Why VANs are Important to the Transportation/3PL Industry
Customers turn to logistics services providers (LSPs)/third party logistics (3PLs) companies because they expect them to be able to run their warehousing and transportation operations more efficiently ...
Created on 06 August 2015
16. Missed Opportunities For Not Using EDI and How Easy It Is
Opportunities abound in the retail industry; it is just a case of searching them out. Solutions and getting help are not the problem. Let's see what pops right out at us: (1) trading partner collaboration; ...
Created on 14 July 2015
17. Late Adopters of EDI Are Just In Time to Benefit
EDI is the standard format for order processing and tracking in the retail industry. While every major retailer has adopted its use there are plenty of smaller and midsized retailers who haven’t yet got ...
Created on 09 July 2015
18. VANs Are Well Positioned to Support Logistics
Processing the order is just the first step in the getting products to their markets. Some will say that getting the order to the loading dock is the easy part while moving it to its final destination ...
Created on 04 June 2015
19. EDIINT, VANs, But Not SaaS?
...  of correcting for errors. A recent study presented by NewEDI reports that costs overall have been coming down.  Of course that's good news for supply chain participants and those EDI service provide ...
Created on 07 July 2014