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1. Is Blockchain a Fit For Supply Chain?
We've been reading a lot about 'blockchain' technology, but is any of it relevant to our work?According to a recent guest article on the Spend Matters site by Jonas Divine, the P2P process may be a good ...
Created on 22 November 2016
2. The Importance of MDM
... the sources of data and the importance of Master Data Management (MDM).Read her article HERE. ...
Created on 03 November 2016
3. Common Supply Chain Planning Mistakes
Supply chain planning is a tough nut to crack on the technology side. Lora Cecere has been examining the mistakes companies make in selecting their approaches and has some ideas on improvements.Her article ...
Created on 26 October 2016
4. Whither the Supplier Catalog?
Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell of Spend Matters are duking it out on the topic of catalog use in procurement. In 2 recent posts on the site, we learn the pro and con arguments as well as alternatives ...
Created on 19 September 2016
5. Issues Surrounding Supply Chain Visibility
It's widely acknowledged that supply chain visibility is not only a huge need for businesses, but also one that may not be easily achievable. Bob Ferrarri, on the Supply Chain Matters site, has created ...
Created on 04 August 2016
6. Quality Data Required!
The lifeblood of the supply chain is good data. That's why it's so important to understand how different types of data affect your planning processes.On the Logistics Viewpoints site, Richard Koch takes ...
Created on 21 April 2016
7. Hop to It!
In a timely article on the Supply Chain 247 site, we learn all about the Easter Bunny's challenges with supply chain sustainability and traceability. Antonia Renner provides the drivers for these challenges ...
Created on 31 March 2016
8. Becoming a Data-Driven Supply Chain
If there's a 'hottest of the hot' topics right now, supply chain analytics may be it. Lora Cecere, the Supply Chain Shaman, sat down with a few supply chain executives recently to see where they're at ...
Created on 13 February 2016
9. The Old Ball & Chain
Is legacy thinking holding back your supply chain? The Supply Chain Shaman thinks so.Lora Cecere provides a breakdown of a recent presentation on where she feels supply chains are headed over the next ...
Created on 24 November 2015
10. Tech and Retail
In a fine article on the Boston Consulting Group site, Peter Burggraaff, Marc Schuuring, and Bill Urda look at how technology is moving increasingly into the retail space.They review 4 enablers that can ...
Created on 09 March 2015
11. Master Data Management (MDM)
...  a Customer Master, an Item Master, and an Account Master. This master data is often one of the key assets of a company. It's not unusual for a company to be acquired primarily for access to its Custom ...
Created on 05 March 2014
12. Eliminating Purchase Orders?
On the Business2Community site, Auke Hylarides poses an interesting question about the need to actually enter purchase orders. Can direct communication into your system from your customer's MRP a possibility?Auke ...
Created on 17 February 2014
13. Want to Keep Pace with Ecommerce? Sign on to Integrated Electronic Product Catalogs
...  master data catalogs containing thousands of SKUs; after all, incorrect item data can flow upstream into invoices, and cause slower product roll-outs and lost sales. Also, most suppliers – except for larg ...
Created on 19 June 2013
14. Embrace Your Problems
... n that can drive improvements not only in your operation, but also those of partners. For example, a seemingly minor issue like a price discrepancy or tax change can be the result of master data, application ...
Created on 22 February 2013
15. Change Management – A Must Have
... completely integrated, are master data or mapping issues regularly causing failures resulting in manual intervention? To combat these issues, implementing change management as part of your testing procedure ...
Created on 21 September 2012
16. Product Data is Sweet Spot for Multichannel Retailers
... by the manual intervention required of cleansing data and correcting errors in the massive master data catalogs containing thousands of SKUs. An AT Kearney study revealed that 30 percent of item data in ...
Created on 20 June 2012
17. Go International
As I’ve just returned from a trip to Scotland, what topic could be timelier than international EDI? It was tough enough communicating over there with both ‘sender’ and ‘receiver’ using English (we figured ...
Created on 14 October 2010
18. Data Syncronization initiatives
Over the past several months there's been a growing interest from Retailers and Grocers that are considering automating the process of the cleansing of their item files and/or the creation and setup of ...
Created on 24 September 2010
19. From the Top - TIE Commerce
... companies are realizing just how difficult it is to get all their product information in order. That's why datasync is still struggling. Without solving the problem of synchronized master data, you won't  ...
Created on 19 April 2005
20. From the Top - Seeburger
... ding broader testing coverage and should be arrived at collaboratively with the client.  Beyond that, good testing involves making sure you test with partner specific master data, with both fully and p ...
Created on 19 April 2005