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1. Alibaba Cloud poised to close gap with rivals in APAC
... share in China. Its annual revenue grew 101% in FY2018 to $2.1bn. Furthermore, the company has a strong presence across various industries in China, including retail, e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing ...
Created on 29 October 2018
2. Alibaba, the Supply Chain, and Changes in China
... However, China’s labor costs, much due to its economic growth from manufacturing, have risen to the point that the competition from nearby Asian countries is taking some of that manufacturing business. ...
Created on 22 October 2018
3. Optimizing Multiple Sites To Maximize Capacity Using AI
... no excess pull on management resources, and no loss of productivity. The real advantage of AI is to see and process data faster than human counterparts. In manufacturing, no single person has absolute ...
Created on 15 October 2018
4. Go With The Flow: Streamlining Your Supply Chain Flow with AI
... AI algorithms can be used to develop data sets about suppliers, manufacturing sites, or distributors that make recommendations, form predictions, and monitor integrated systems. Where humans conduct the ...
Created on 08 October 2018
5. We were the machines
...  New tech added to the supply chain isn’t always perfectly connected to existing systems. With the expansion of IoT, logistics systems, and manufacturing 4.0 there are plenty of missed connections. And ...
Created on 12 June 2018
6. It's a New Chain
... their global availability, easy scalability, and perceived cost advantages. Sensors - Sensors of all types are being used to monitor conditions and locations of goods from manufacturing to delivery and ...
Created on 28 May 2018
7. Technology Plays Key Role in Smart Manufacturing
Smart Technologies like 3D printing and drones are driving changes in materials handling, reports Supply Chain Dive.   Read the articleonSupply Chain Dive
Created on 28 May 2018
8. Supply Chain Management Jobs are Now Premium Positions
... impact on transport costs. International regulations -- International trade skills are top priorities for companies with overseas manufacturing and distribution, and supply chain managers will need even ...
Created on 22 May 2018
9. Blockchain to shape next generation supply chains in healthcare
Blockchain technology will play a key role in supporting supply chain transformation in the healthcare sector by helping to reduce fraud and better manage quality in the manufacturing and distribution ...
Created on 14 May 2018
10. Self-replicating 3D printers will Disrupt the Supply Chain
... parts and custom designs is becoming increasingly common. But forward thinking companies see a future in which goods are delivered by high volume 3D printers that can match manufacturing quantities and ...
Created on 24 April 2018
11. Data drives the supply chain but data storage can cripple yours
Your manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, and retail channels are all perking along just fine. You have a great team handling your EDI transactions and managing exceptions and your trading partner relationships ...
Created on 09 April 2018
12. Supply Chain and the TCJA Effect on Jobs
... The Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISCM) conducted a survey of manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies to assess how much executives understood about the TCJA and how they envision its affects ...
Created on 12 February 2018
13. Nanowear Enters into Supply Chain Agreement
According to Textile World,  the Secant Group entered into an exclusive supply chain partnership with Nanowear, makers of medical-grade cloth-based nanosensor technology. The Secant Group will scaled manufacturing ...
Created on 15 January 2018
14. Industry 4.0 is bringing about Supply Chain 4.0. Are you ready?
... of creating and processing orders? Or will the deeply embedded format keep business at a slower pace than might be possible if things changed? Industry 4.0 Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting manufacturing, ...
Created on 13 November 2017
15. Is Apple's Supply Chain Broken?
According to Bloomberg, Apple has lost its supply chain mojo. Meaning that Apple once renowned for its ability to get products to market, despite not having its own manufacturing facilities has recently ...
Created on 07 November 2017
16. Disruption of Globalization and Supply Chain
...  distributed manufacturing – This would mean having smaller production sites that cater to local demand and can quickly respond to market changes. It is similar to the concept used by Zara – produce a ...
Created on 16 October 2017
17. How to Achieve On Time In Full Delivery
Manufacturing and distribution companies still struggle with on time, in full delivery, reports Industry Week. Poor lead times are often a contributing factor to failing to meet the delivery expectations ...
Created on 22 August 2017
18. Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain
... a dedication to shortening the distance between their customer and their manufacturing process has the opportunity to find those technologies that fill specific functions and put them into service. Those ...
Created on 13 August 2017
19. PMG360 Acquires; to Relaunch as Supply Chain Technology News
... chain for more than 14 years focusing on manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail/ecommerce and transportation. “Working with PMG360 will allow us to take the original vision of serving the supply ...
Created on 10 August 2017
20. Sustainability Can Drive Innovation
In a guest article on the Spend Matters site, Jean Sweeney of 3M describes how sustainability and innovation can peacefully coexist. What can seem like a set of conflicting goals can be complementary and ...
Created on 14 March 2017