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1. Advanced EDI Documents You Should Be Using
...  to CBSA. This communication method requires an initial investment of $25,000 (+/-5,000) to set-up and 6,000 (+/- 2,000) in annual maintenance fees. Government requirements (from the government) and view ...
Created on 10 August 2015
2. The Cloud's Disruption
On the site, Patrick Seitz writes about the disruption being caused by cloud technology. The impact on hardware and software vendors, and the possibilities of innovative new developments ...
Created on 12 March 2014
3. A Kill Switch for X12
...  seems that the costs of the guidelines for the 6050 specifications will increase in price and require annual 'maintenance fees.' Individually these changes may not seem like a big deal, but are they a tren ...
Created on 02 July 2013
4. Build, Buy, or Wait? (Part 1)
You spent big bucks a few years ago on a translator, faithfully paid yearly maintenance fees, and applied upgrades. There's still something you need the software to do that it can’t. What’s there t ...
Created on 24 April 2012