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1. The Business Benefits of Integrating Blockchain in Global Supply Chains
... this enormous global network run smoothly is no easy feat, and the current lack of a single system to manage all supply chain transactions and processes has led to significant issues in terms of data latency ...
Created on 24 September 2018
2. Yes, There is a Trend
... more general use as a secure way to store transactions for business. Certainly the security of order and transport information is important and if companies are able to address latency and processing cost ...
Created on 28 August 2018
3. Cloud WMS
Are WMS systems ready for the cloud, and is the cloud ready for them? Latency has been a problem, but improvements are on the way and Gartner thinks cloud WMS adoption will be at the 90% level by 2020.On ...
Created on 14 April 2016
4. Fearless Predictions for 2016
... rate, but that’s an example of how IoT will enhance manufacturing and operational capabilities, save billions in costs, and generally remove latency and friction from processes. Individual industrial IoT implement ...
Created on 21 December 2015
5. The Long Tail and Demand
Lora Cecere, the Supply Chain Shaman, recently discussed a demand planning benchmarking study with its author, Robert Byrne. They reviewed what's happening in the consumer product industry and identified ...
Created on 03 February 2015
6. How to Deliver Visibility
The Supply Chain Shaman, Lora Cecere, has thoughts about visibility in a recent article on her site. Everybody seems to have a different opinion about what visibility means, they often are using sub-optimal ...
Created on 18 December 2014
7. Supply Chain Planning and IoT
... d like to address.Prasad Satyavoly on the 21st Century Supply Chain site feels IoT can help fix two supply chain planning problems that have been vexing us all for years: information latency and deficienc ...
Created on 21 October 2014
8. Supply Chain Intelligence: Using Your Visibility To Reduce Supply Chain Costs (Part 2)
...  counts.  This could be caused by a less-than-reliable ERP or WMS implementation.  Data latency is another common culprit for inventory blindness. Often inventory data is processed in batches. In a hig ...
Created on 25 June 2014
9. Understanding Supply Chain Risk
Everyone agrees that you want to reduce supply chain risk. However, why does it end up low on priority lists? Lora Cecere has a few insights gleaned from her years of research.Controlling risk has never ...
Created on 23 April 2014
10. Designing Outside-In Processes
Lora Cecere, on the Supply Chain Shaman site, discusses the problem she sees for supply chains with identifying and responding to new customer requirements in a recent article.Since most consumer organizations ...
Created on 20 February 2014
11. What's Omni-Channel Mean to Me?
... latency from processes, making inventory checks and account queries quick and easy. And the back-end integration staff needs to build and maintain the proper connections with suppliers, drop shippers, ...
Created on 04 April 2013
12. Automotive Supply Chain Changes
In a 21st Century Supply Chain blog, Aamer Rehman discusses a trend for automotive manufacturers he's discovered. It sounds like the model of where cars are made is changing.Aamer let's us know what that ...
Created on 26 March 2013
13. Let's End Manual Data Entry!
... it’s fully electronic on their end. But in this increasingly multi-channel , consumer-driven business environment, latency has been almost entirely eradicated. Customers want their data exchanged immediately, ...
Created on 27 December 2012
14. The Control Tower Concept
The concept of the supply chain control tower has been with us for some time. A recent Aberdeen report points out several reasons that make it a very compelling proposition. Read the analysis of the study ...
Created on 04 October 2012
15. The Supply Chain Control Tower
The concept of the supply chain control tower isn't new. It's a complex undertaking that is becoming even more so as globalization has grown, but its promise is so compelling that companies are taking ...
Created on 26 September 2012
16. Market Driven Supply Chains
Building a market-driven supply chain sounds like a pretty lofty goa. What's involved? In a somewhat lengthy piece on the Enterra Insights site, what being 'market driven' means to the people, processes, ...
Created on 25 August 2012
17. More Supply Chain Worries
Every publication has a list of things supply chain people should worry about. Carol McIntosh lets us know what's on her mind on the 21st Century Supply Chain site. The interesting thing about this ...
Created on 16 June 2012