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1. Self-replicating 3D printers will Disrupt the Supply Chain
... ordered, produced in local ‘printhouses’ for last-mile delivery. The impact on inventory control and production planning are obvious, and as product designs change to better accommodate different additive ...
Created on 24 April 2018
2. Retailers Gear Up for 2017
Digitization seems to be driving a lot of activity in the supply chain. Within the retail space, that's an understatement.On the Multichannel Merchant site, Jeff McCandless examines what will be needed ...
Created on 24 February 2017
3. The Importance of Visibility
In a Supply Chain Dive article, Rich Weissman describes why visibility is so important to everyone selling to ecommerce consumers.It not only shapes the customer experience, it directly affects your brand. ...
Created on 15 December 2016
4. Research on Omnichannel Fulfillment
According to some recent research, most companies have 'bolted' omnichannel fulfillment onto their existing DC infrastructures. However, many variations were reported for retailers with brick and mortar ...
Created on 29 November 2016
5. Is Amazon Getting Into the Logistics Game?
The major parcel carriers and Amazon itself dismiss the idea that the ecommerce giant is building its own parcel delivery network. Actions, though, speak louder than words and it looks suspiciously like ...
Created on 19 October 2016
6. Key Drivers for Supply Chain Transformation
Supply chain management is undergoing a transformation, and the folks at Logistics Viewpoints are on the scene to identify the important players for us. The 'sharing economy' is surprisingly one of the ...
Created on 30 June 2016
7. Succeeding at the Last-Mile Challenge
The race is on to solve the 'last-mile' dilemma, according to Bridget McCrea on the Supply Chain 24/7 site. Getting products purchased on-line from the DC into the customers' hands can make or break a company ...
Created on 23 June 2016
8. Transformational Change Needed
In a single-channel world, your relationship with your suppliers could be a bit adversarial at times. In today's omnichannel environment, coorperation is the key to the visibility, transparency, and speed ...
Created on 09 June 2016
9. Last Mile Challenges
... get product into purchasers' hands more quickly.Lots of approaches to improve 'last-mile' efficiency are being tried but obstacles remain. Read the article HERE. ...
Created on 09 April 2015
10. Predictions from the Supply Chain Gurus
Is it too late for one last (?) set of supply chain predictions for 2015? I think not, especially when they're made by a bunch of supply chain 'gurus' pulled together by Dan Gilmore of Supply Chain Digest.The ...
Created on 04 February 2015
11. USPS Fills a Niche
The rush to win the same day delivery battle has brought some unlikely competitors into the fray. The USPS has some advantages that could prove useful.Mail delivery continues to slow, so why not? In a ...
Created on 06 February 2014
12. Google Expands Same-Day Delivery
As many companies are trying to figure out how to support omnichannel purchasers and other supply chain and customer service challenges, leaders in the retail space are attempting to solve the 'last-mile ...
Created on 30 January 2014
13. Amazon's Drones
By this time, you've probably seen the clips of Amazon's newest attempt to address the 'last-mile' challenge. Are drones really the way to go, or is this just a brilliant marketing ploy by Bezos to take  ...
Created on 12 December 2013
14. The Omni-Channel Last-Mile
The impact of the rise of the omnichannel experience extends across all aspects of the retail business. One of the final steps in the process, actually handing the purchased item to the consumer, is a ...
Created on 06 October 2013