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1. The Impact of Reverse Logistics
... a returned product on-site for cost or brand protection reasons. New innovative technology offers retailers a solution. There is inventory management technology that can determine the best channel for ...
Created on 08 January 2018
2. Pilot Offers Expanded Logistics Management Solutions
... quickly and with flexibility.   Pilot is pleased to bring their decades of knowledge and resources in logistics and inventory management to continue to serve their clients, from all angles. Using ...
Created on 19 December 2017
3. Retailers Gear Up for 2017
Digitization seems to be driving a lot of activity in the supply chain. Within the retail space, that's an understatement.On the Multichannel Merchant site, Jeff McCandless examines what will be needed ...
Created on 24 February 2017
4. Need to Trim Supply Chain Costs?
Simple is good, especially when we're looking for ideas on cuttiing supply chain costs, right? In an article on the Business 2 Community site, Christopher Moore gives us a headstart with a few ideas on ...
Created on 26 January 2017
5. Visibility in an Omnichannel World
In the age of the omnichannel consumer, the importance of inventory visibility can't be denied. This means visibility across the board: on the shelf in the DC and branch locations, inbound shipments, fulfillment, ...
Created on 24 November 2016
6. Getting Back to Basics
Although supply chains have become more complex, it's always valuable to consider whether you have the basics covered. You need to be able to block and tackle before you can handle the complicated stuff, ...
Created on 31 October 2016
7. The Inventory Balancing Act
Inventory management is a tough one. The traditional thought is that if you don't get it right, too much inventory is a waste of money, too little and you risk missing sales.The omnichannel consumer ha ...
Created on 14 August 2016
8. Drones in the DC
Amazon's potential use of drones for customer delivery seemed to be all the rage a while back, but more practical applications of the technology across the supply chain are now being made public.WalMart ...
Created on 16 June 2016
9. Omnichannel & Inventory Management
Of the many changes brought about in supply chain processes by the omnichannel revolution, inventory management is one of the most fundamental. Getting the right product at the right place at the right ...
Created on 21 April 2016
10. How You Should be Using Analytics
... t. Of course, an inventory management program can go a long way to solve these problems as well. Of course, keeping costs in control is always a common problem, no matter which industry you are in. Accord ...
Created on 12 April 2016
11. Supply Chain Priorities
In a recent study of 250 manufacturing executives, GT Nexus finds surprising results on alignment between supply chain objectives and resources.Barbara Jorgensen on the EPS site takes a look at other findings ...
Created on 14 March 2016
12. Supply Chain Performance Driver Research
What's going to have the biggest impact on supply chain performance this year? According to a recent survey of 250 manufacturing execs, advanced analytics will have the greatest effect, followed by IoT.On ...
Created on 03 March 2016
13. ERP Trends to Watch
The ERP continues to evolve. CFO magazine recently interviewed a prominent consultant to identify trends that executives should be aware of in this key technology.The cloud is a huge game changer, but ...
Created on 23 February 2016
14. What is an XPL?
... ervices 3PLs provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding." Third-party logistics providers are: freight forwarders courier c ...
Created on 17 November 2015
15. Solidify Your Order to Cash with ERP/EDI Integration
... ess. A typical installation might include:   Purchaser and Supplier module Inventory Management module Sampling module Production Management module Total Quality Management module Export Invo ...
Created on 24 August 2015
16. Missed Opportunities For Not Using EDI and How Easy It Is
...  (2) transportation management; (3) pull, don't push (4) drop-ship With strong collaboration between trading partners, both parties can realize increased sales as well as improved inventory managemen ...
Created on 14 July 2015
17. Your Mother, the Supply Chain Genius
... , to inventory management, to collaboration, she does it all.On the 21st Century Supply Chain site, Alexa Cheater give kudos to the one who gets it done. Read it HERE. ...
Created on 13 May 2015
18. Sharing POS Data Can Deliver Benefits to Retailers
... access to their point-of-sale (POS) system data. This can result in lower costs when inventory management is outsourced; minimize stockouts; better forecasting by leaving it to the experts.   Making ...
Created on 04 May 2015
19. Supply Chain COE Research
The Supply Chain Shaman, Lora Cecere, is looking at some recent research on supply chain centers of excellence (COE). She's identified some common themes that are interesting to review.Though COEs are ...
Created on 20 April 2015
20. Top Ten Concerns For Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Analyzed
...  1. Lack of coordination 2. Inventory management 3. Demand information 4. Human resource dependency 5. Order management 6. Shortage avoidance 7. Expiration 8. Warehouse management 9. Temperature control ...
Created on 02 March 2015