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1. Rethink Fraud Strategy as Average Merchant’s Costs Climb to $15.5 Million
... Eaton-Cardone, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Chargebacks911. “Many CFOs are realizing their internal resources aren’t able to keep pace with today’s emerging fraud strategies. Hiring ...
Created on 19 February 2018
2. Supply Chain and the TCJA Effect on Jobs
... hiring has picked up fast in construction and mining leading to an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent - a 17 year low. But even with hiring on the rise incomes are reported to be slowly picking up. All these ...
Created on 12 February 2018
3. The Glass Ceiling in Procurement
On the day after International Women's Day, it's a good time to ask if there's a 'glass ceiling' in the supply chain. Jennifer Swain gives us her first-hand perspective in a recent blog post on the Procurious ...
Created on 09 March 2017
4. Addressing the Supply Chain Skills Gap
... are specifically doing to address their talent issues.Turns out, you really can't prevent the loss of baby boomer retirees, but you can do things to improve the hiring and training of your people. Rea ...
Created on 16 February 2017
5. A Broader Set of 2017 Predictions
Many publications stick to technology in making predictions for the future. One thing I really like about the Supply Chain Matters site is its broader perspective.In his annual article on the new year's ...
Created on 10 January 2017
6. Preparing For the Big Interview
You've finally scored an interview for a supply chain role in a big company. You might want to consider investing some time in preparation to improve your chances.Kaitlyn McAvoy from Spend Matters has ...
Created on 22 September 2016
7. What Hiring Managers Are Looking For
The talent shortage in supply chain management is a real thing. What are executives looking for when scouting for management hires?In a Spend Matters article, Nick Lazzara identifies 3 key skills that ...
Created on 12 September 2016
8. How to Attract 'A' Players
We've recently reviewed the traits supply chain managers look for in their hiring process. But what about those things that potential superstars consider important in their employers?On the 21st Centur ...
Created on 06 April 2016
9. Hiring the Next Generation of Managers
...  the Supply Chain Management Review site, Patrick Brunson writes about how managers need to step up their game in hiring. Check it out HERE. ...
Created on 31 March 2016
10. A Collection of Big Data Case Studies
I usually find case studies to be extremely valuable in learning about the impact of new technologies at the micro level. For Big Data, since it's been touted as a cure-all for so much, cases make its ...
Created on 29 October 2015
11. Outsourcing EDI Is The Way To Go, Says Expert
...  Other benefits of outsourcing EDI There are several benefits of hiring an outside firm to translate the complex languages of the supply chain for your company. Those plusses, says Davis, include: • The ...
Created on 05 October 2015
12. Managing EDI Changes
... to these problems. Some can be implemented by the retailer internally. Others, like subscribing to services like RVCF’s Compliance Clearinghouse, which consolidates guidelines, or hiring a managed EDI ...
Created on 14 September 2015
13. Life After EDI; Your Skills Recycled
...  is now hiring a Chief Financial Officer. So next he wants to utilize my project management skills. All this goes to show you how valuable your EDI skills are. Looking for work? No! Next project i ...
Created on 06 February 2015
14. Job Seeker: How Much Abuse Will You Take? a
I'm not a job seeker. I love writing and consulting. Been there and done it with the hiring process. Which means I know a lot about the hiring process too. Was hired to select a location for a New Yor ...
Created on 17 December 2014
15. HP Becomes The First IT Company To Establish Rules Against Exploiting Foreign Laborers
... that promotes safe, fair, and legal working conditions. Through its efforts, Verité has gained extensive expertise in combatting forced labor in supply chains.  "HP's standard requiring direct hiring wi ...
Created on 14 November 2014
16. Profiling the Supply Chain Staff
... I don't think that's even close to being the case. And your HR folks would probably be horrified by the notion that you're hiring based on those notions. Yes, there are certifications and programs offe ...
Created on 08 September 2014
17. Next Generation Talent for Supply Chains
Hiring the right people is always a tough task. For the supply chain, it's doubly difficult due to the nature of the roles. How can the next generation of supply chain leaders be educated and identified?O ...
Created on 03 August 2014
18. Where Will the Supply Chain Jobs Be?
... talked about future roles in the supply chain and the trend toward hiring workers with technology and analytics backgrounds. Those skills will be necessary no matter where innovation leads us over the ...
Created on 20 June 2014
19. Fixing the Supply Chain Talent Gap
... site by Becky Partida, we get some ideas on how to improve the chances of hiring good supply chain people. Read it HERE. ...
Created on 10 March 2014
20. Big Data in the Hiring Process
With the many actual and potential applications of Big Data constantly in the news, one approach that's a little under the radar is in the basic human resource functions of hiring and firing.Data-drive ...
Created on 22 January 2014