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1. Visual Management and the Shared Vision
Visual management is one of the key tools of Lean management. In his A Lean Journey blog, Tim McMahon tells us not only what it is, but why we should be using it.It's clear that the 'shared vision' so ...
Created on 09 September 2013
2. Types of Change
Almost everyone in the business world is a fan of, or has been exposed to, continuous improvement processes. Techniques such as Lean and Six Sigma aren't panaceas, though, for all problems.Lawrence Miller ...
Created on 23 May 2013
3. Continuous Improvement Up North
Anyone who's visited our northern neighbor has probably noticed the Tim Horton chain. Continuous Improvement has made a significant impact on their profitability. In an interview in The Globe and Mail, ...
Created on 30 July 2012
4. Lean Learnings at the Waffle House
If you're not familiar with Lean and other continuous improvement methodologies, the process and jargon can seem pretty impenetrable. In a guest post on the Gemba Tales site, John Domagala describe ...
Created on 10 June 2012
5. Using Pilots
What's the best approach to use when implementing a change to fix a problem? Mark Graban has a good idea. In his Lean Blog, he uses an example from a recent trip to make his point. Read it here.
Created on 24 March 2012