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1. Supply Chain Mayhem - Avoid It
It's hard to believe that the Holiday season is near - or that for those participating in retail, the season is already well underway. Is it too late to think about making this season better? If you haven't ...
Created on 11 November 2016
2. ERP and EDI integration make for better everything
In today’s technologically advanced world, businesses enjoy great benefits from implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP solutions offer the ability to manage an entity’s various operations ...
Created on 10 September 2015
3. Executive brief: 3 Keys to Automated EDI Integration
...  with this approach to EDI and ERP integration and how purchasing tools which force customizations to your ERP system can leave you responsible for costly and time consuming modifications to the systems ...
Created on 12 August 2015
4. Enjoy Big Gains By Involving Your Smaller Vendors In Your EDI Process
... provider can handle the entire process from ERP integration to vendor set-up and training, leaving the hospital and its staff to concentrate on leveraging their newfound capabilities, reduced workload ...
Created on 18 May 2015
5. Why Connecting EDI and ERP Is Important
... FAX, or webforms in these critical processes is essential to maximize the benefits of EDI-ERP integration. Ready for more information on connecting EDI and ERP? See how ERP, CRM and SCM fit together. ...
Created on 08 April 2015
6. Future ERP Integration With SCM
What's the future hold for ERP software and the supply chain? It appears the trend toward SCM software will continue and that means lots of integration may be needed.In an article on the Supply Chain Standard, ...
Created on 01 October 2014
7. Getting IT Together
... osted about ERP Integration for some clarity if you don't know where to start. ...
Created on 06 December 2013
8. ERP Integration Philosophy
What's your ERP integration philosophy? If you don't have one, it's time to start developing it since integration results seem to depend on it.In an article on the Search Oracle site, Mark Fontecchio discus ...
Created on 04 December 2013
9. We Won't Get Fooled Again - The Replacement of EDI
...  to its corporate entity that may decide to concentrate on one more global standard. ERP Integration And possibly the most progressive of the changes is the increasing direct integration of supply chain ac ...
Created on 09 July 2013
10. ERP Integration Challenge
ERP integration has been a systems 'challenge' for what seems like forever. Although there's no 'silver bullet', Infor has a lightweight scheme that holds promise.Check out David Essex's short article on  ...
Created on 30 April 2013
11. Getting the GREAT Out of EDI Inte-”great”-ion
... is a means to project to the customer base that you are capable, but removes any potential savings. That brings us full circle to complete ERP integration. Allowing orders, invoices, and ship notices ...
Created on 14 September 2011
12. EDI and ERP
... d from before feeding or extracting the data to/from your ERP system then your programming will change but not your maps. One example is EMANIO: EMANIO EDI to ERP Integration Solutions helps organizatio ...
Created on 14 July 2011
13. From the Top - GXS
... point. To that end, we offer hosted mapping services, global webforms, and ERP integration. It is a sophisticated alternative for companies that would be buying software from TIBCO or IBM. But more importantly, ...
Created on 19 April 2005