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1. Deterring Supply Chain Slavery
According to Digital Supply Chain, FRDM wants to help deter slavery in the global supply chain, to that end they have teamed up with Tradeshift to create technology and boost awareness of how that tech ...
Created on 14 January 2019
2. JDA & Panasonic Team Up
According to Business Wire, JDA is adding to its stable of end-to-end digital supply chain technology solutions by partnering with Panasonic. JDA & Panasonic will showcase Panasonic’s Visual Sort Assist ...
Created on 14 January 2019
3. Here's how FarmaTrust is combating the $30 billion global fake drug market
... Exchanges List. The exchange is one of China’s most secure trade and conversion platforms, providing customers the ability to trade high quality digital assets. The listing on Coinbene, specifically ...
Created on 07 January 2019
4. Implementing the Digital Supply Chain
According to Digital Commerce 360, 77% of companies surveyed want to incorporate digital supply chains for the cost savings benefit, however most of the companies don’t have a clear plan on how to implement ...
Created on 07 January 2019
5. It’s time for 2019 predictions
... intrusion Disruption of expectations is always an issue and as industry continues to become increasingly digital the risks of hacking, data theft, and ransom add strain to budgets and contingency planning. ...
Created on 17 December 2018
6. Tech Can Only Improve Supply Chain
In light of the recent romaine lettuce recall, bringing changes to the supply chain by going digital is a way to prevent these types of events, reports AE Idea.   Read the article onAE Ideas   ...
Created on 03 December 2018
7. Reducing Supply Chain Complexity
According to Digital Journal, blockchain can help reduce the complexity of the supply chain as it crosses multiple countries.   Read the article onDigital Journal  ...
Created on 26 November 2018
8. Blockchain Will Help Keep Data Safe
As the number of vendors in the supply chain increases, along with the use of digital technology it will become even more important to keep the data safe, reports the Currency Analytics. That will be possible ...
Created on 19 November 2018
9. Real-Time Collaborative Logistics Platform
... tant search, contextual actions and AI-driven recommendations empower smarter, faster decisions. Billing and Payments: With a single collaborative platform, digital invoices can be shared instantly and ...
Created on 12 November 2018
10. Cost Savings in Digital Supply Chain
According to CIO Review, companies that digitize their supply chain see huge cost savings. Digitized supply chains can see a 50% reduction in costs.   Read the article onCIO Review
Created on 29 October 2018
11. The Business Benefits of Integrating Blockchain in Global Supply Chains
Much has been said about the potential for blockchain, the technology underpinning digital currencies like bitcoin, to revolutionise a variety of industries, from voting to fashion to education. Despite ...
Created on 24 September 2018
12. How Global Trade Blockchain Platforms Could Help Streamline Freight Movements from Cargo Ship to Big Rig to Your Door
... for the digital age, all aspects of shipping must gear up and trim fat simultaneously. If the TradeLens platform is truly open and integrative, plugging in transport-specific blockchain networks such as ...
Created on 17 September 2018