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1. Get a handle on big data and make your supply chain top of its class
... delivery information. Devote the resources necessary to find out what’s there and take advantage of it. Manage risk: Determining the risk based organization faces is very vital to the growth and development ...
Created on 01 October 2018
2. Yes, There is a Trend
... global supply chain. The US Department of Homeland Security  is adding staff to look into securing the government supply chain with blockchain. These are only the large players in the blockchain development ...
Created on 28 August 2018
3. 5 Effective Strategies To Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient
... that you will need to stay updated on the developments. But, it should not stop at you. The actual people working along the supply chain also need to know the updates, so make sure that the relevant update ...
Created on 18 June 2018
4. CarBlock Joins Group for Blockchain Development
According to Venture Beat, CarBlock, a blockchain-based transportation solution, has joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative.   Read the articleon VentureBeat  
Created on 04 June 2018
5. What GDPR Means For Your Supply Chain
...  the latest technological developments to make their business even more efficient.  ...
Created on 30 April 2018
6. Expanded Payment Options Can Help Merchants Boost Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
... ready to dive into the cryptocurrency pool, they’d be wise to keep an eye on industry developments and the experiences of early adopters. Time will tell where the future of payments nets out, but it pays ...
Created on 16 April 2018
7. Humanity United Boosts Supply Chain Innovation
According to Supply Chain, California based Humanity United, has launched a venture fund to fund ethical supply chain developments. The $23 million dollar fund will make real investments in companies committed ...
Created on 19 February 2018
8. Supply Chain and the TCJA Effect on Jobs
... decrease in spending for employee training and development budgets. Supply chain companies, particularly logistics oriented enterprises need to rethink their strategies for long term growth and employee ...
Created on 12 February 2018
9. Amazon Go - It’s all about the back end
... own employees since December of 2016 and in development and internal testing for about five years, so the concept is far from new. And while the general news is all about consumers being able to walk out ...
Created on 22 January 2018
10. The Rise of Logistics Tech Activates Entrepreneurs
... started offering us money to add more features, and we have been accommodating them,” says George Shchegolev, co-founder and VP of Operations. The development has resulted in a powerful optimization ...
Created on 30 August 2017
11. Investment Needed!
... y in order to make use of paradigm-shifting developments like IoT, drones, driverless trucks, and more. Read her article HERE. ...
Created on 14 March 2017
12. Amazon Go is About Capabilities
Think the new Amazon Go development is just another marketing concept the ecommerce giant is testing? Think again....Pierre Mitchell from Spend Matters says that it's all about capabilities, and Go is ye ...
Created on 22 December 2016
13. What's Up With Amazon Go?
...  automated grocery store. Pierre Mitchell gives us his initial take on what's behind this new development in a blog on the Spend Matters site. Read it HERE. ...
Created on 15 December 2016
14. Exciting Supply Chain Trends
... Read why Lora is so hopped up about these developments on her site HERE. ...
Created on 05 December 2016
15. Automated DCs Arrive
...  system has been making inroads with retailers and is looked at as a way to combat high labor costs and worker availability issues. Read the article describing this development on the Supply Chain Diges ...
Created on 22 November 2016
16. Airbus Builds a Control Tower
... and came away with a number of key observations that explain not only the functionality, but the development approach and future plans for the technology. Read his blog on the Supply Chain Matters sit ...
Created on 06 October 2016
17. ERP's are Upping Their Game
The line separating ERP functionality with that of best-of-breed supply chain applications is becoming less and less clear. In many cases, ERP functionality has caught up and 'hubs' might be the next development.O ...
Created on 13 August 2016
18. Addressing the Supply Chain Talent Gap
We've read a lot of articles recently about the impending (some would say it's already here...) talent crisis in the supply chain. There are not only demographics at work with lots of retirements on the ...
Created on 13 August 2016
19. Use Your Suppliers to Innovate
...  Chain Digest has looked at this recent development and presents a few recommendations on how to kick off your SEI activities. Check out their article HERE. ...
Created on 27 July 2016
20. Cool Beans
...  insight on how this development happened. Read about it HERE. ...
Created on 31 March 2016