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1. Here's how FarmaTrust is combating the $30 billion global fake drug market
... with an ETH/FTT pairing, shows the strong demand for the FTT token among traders. FTT tokens will go into circulation on the Coinbene platform as the environment for services has grown. The listing will ...
Created on 07 January 2019
2. How trucking and logistics in the USA are changing due to technology in 2019
... in 2019: Driver shortages will continue and even increase There has been a years long shortage of Truck Drivers because of the rise in demand for drivers by most trucking and logistics companies. The ...
Created on 04 January 2019
3. It’s time for 2019 predictions
... means less reliance on delivery of scarce parts because they can be printed on demand. The implications of copyrights, IP restrictions with the ability to modify designs on the fly, and unauthorized ...
Created on 17 December 2018
4. Big Investments in Supply Chain Tech from DHL
... current customers and draw in new ones. E-commerce and omnichannel are increasingly part of everyday reality for companies trying to meet customer demands in a complex environment. DHL’s recent report identifies ...
Created on 10 December 2018
5. Airforce Teaches Blockchain
The U.S Airforce  Institute has added blockchain to its supply chain management training, reports Supply & Demand Chain Executive.   Read the article on Supply & Demand Chain Executive  ...
Created on 10 December 2018
6. How Did Your Supply Chain Fail Your Black Friday Efforts?
... the frenzy of instant purchase and limited time availability. Cyber Monday attempts to bridge the demand from Black Friday but physical retailers still sell the bulk of goods. The combination of limited ...
Created on 26 November 2018
7. Brace for the Rush
... Every online seller needs some kind of delivery service and most turn to common carriers and the USPS, or even a combination of services. The question is whether they are able to scale on demand to meet ...
Created on 05 November 2018
8. IBM and Microsoft Enhance Tech for Walmart
Both IBM and Microsoft are working with Walmart to enhance existing platforms and technology to meet the retailers growing supply chain demands, reports the Motley Fool.   Read the article onThe ...
Created on 01 October 2018
9. Transportation Industry Needs to Make Changes
Changes in the transportation industry, including advances in technology, are testing shipper, reports Legacy systems can no longer meet customers demands and the industry will need to implement ...
Created on 24 September 2018
10. Supply Chain Goes Digital
Digital supply chain technology provider Cloudleaf is set to help companies bring delivery on demand to their customers, reports Automation World. Read the article onAutomation World  ...
Created on 17 September 2018
11. SAP Enters Blockchain Market
According to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, SAP is working on an automated blockchain-based supply chain tracking system. The SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain is taking input from over two dozen produce, ...
Created on 28 August 2018
12. Why Machine Learning is Right for Your Supply Chain Strategy
... spot any that differ, alerting workers to take appropriate action and initiating corrective actions. Demand forecasting All that data generated by EDI, inventory, and ERP transactions may be too big ...
Created on 13 August 2018
13. We were the machines
...  Demand forecasts Humans are great at looking at last year’s sales and predicting volumes for coming seasons. But our ability to monitor, or even to know what factors to evaluate is limited. As humans ...
Created on 12 June 2018
14. Supply Chain Management Jobs are Now Premium Positions
... to lure managers, potentially leaving difficult to fill job openings in their wake. Enterprises should be making an effort to get ahead of the demand for these employees by both recognizing their current ...
Created on 22 May 2018
15. Supply Chain
Supply chain professionals are in demand reports the Wall Street Journal. On average the pay for supply chain professionals rose average salary for supply-chain professionals rose 4.1% in 2017.   Read ...
Created on 20 May 2018
16. 7-11 Wants to Improve Supply Chain
... and plan for their respective demand and load.   Read the articleon Convenience Store News    ...
Created on 20 May 2018
17. Expanded Payment Options Can Help Merchants Boost Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
... options to ensure they’re ready to meet consumers’ growing demand for alternative payment methods.   When it comes to cryptocurrency, many temper interest with skepticism. On the plus side for merchants, ...
Created on 16 April 2018
18. Data drives the supply chain but data storage can cripple yours
... pool you may find yourself out of space unexpectedly. Online and on-demand cloud storage can be set up to automatically allocate more capacity as needed but monitor your usage to assure you’re not hitting ...
Created on 09 April 2018
19. Supply Chain and the TCJA Effect on Jobs
... factors would indicate a tighter market for jobs along the supply chain where demand for better, faster performance means more employees focused on logistics details. But employers competing for staff ...
Created on 12 February 2018
20. Technologies are defining the supply chain
... by many vendors because of consumer demand. However while the unregulated status allows for international flow of funds its value can and does fluctuate over time. The value of a single bitcoin at the ...
Created on 29 January 2018