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1. eCommerce Delivery Cost Differential
As ecommerce continues to grow, retailers are finally getting a handle on fulfillment costs. The difference in the bottom line between a store purchase by a customer and delivery to his home from a DC ...
Created on 22 September 2016
2. Consumers Push Back on Delivery Costs
This just in: on-line buyers want fast delivery but don't want to pay extra! This isn't exactly man-bites-dog news, but it's good to see some actual data behind it.An article on the Digital Journal site ...
Created on 19 June 2014
3. The Supply Chain is Just a Cost of Doing Business
... uring and delivery costs by using a hyper-optimized supply chain. Other examples may be and that rely on their automated systems to minimize shipping times and expenses while at the ...
Created on 15 August 2013